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Great news for DC fans as the brand new second trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally been released thanks to Warner Bros. panel at this years San Diego Comic-Con International. And boy, is it one fantastic trailer!

You can watch the trailer below:

Fans now have confirmation that this movie is going to redefine the term "badass" - and rightfully so, as it incorporates everything fans had hoped to see into the trailer that is sure to go viral fast. You can already people posting it on Twitter:

Lex Luthor With...Hair?

Lex has only one enemy - hair clippers.
Lex has only one enemy - hair clippers.

Wow - what a shame he has to go bald, as that hair seems like it took years to grow out. But this is nothing compared to the rest of the news!

According to SuperHeroFeed's Twitter Account, Holly Hunter will be playing a Senator who approaches Lex for help. His response? A Biblical quote. I have the chills already! But why go to Lex for help? What can he actually contribute to stopping Superman? Well...


All forms of Kryptonite
All forms of Kryptonite

As many have speculated, Lex does in fact have Krytponite (what color no one knows, but I'd assume green is a definite). So the government knows Lex has Kryptonite, but where the hell did he get it from?

Lex Luthor Has Zod's Body

That's right folks - Lex has recovered the corpse of the only other pure-blooded Kryptonian that could take on Superman to date! Now, you're probably wondering "what does Zod's body have to do with Kryptonite? Wasn't he in the phantom zone when Krypton was destroyed? You're correct. Zod actually escaped the phantom zone the moment Krypton exploded, which also happened to shoot pieces of Krypton outward into space. Zod's ship being released simultaneously with the explosion would mean that his ship probably picked up some the debris, or at least was followed by it, on it's journey to Earth. Recovering Zod's body, Lex most likely found a peculiar green gem that has never before been seen on Earth, which is what we know to be kryptonite.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot looks damn good as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot looks damn good as Wonder Woman

She kicked some heavy ass in that trailer, having been seen in not ONE, but TWO fight scenes. Expect her role to be a fairly big one in the film, as she also has strong ties to Aquaman and his presence in the film.

Did Superman Just Rip the Top Off of the Batmobile?

Batmobile is about to become a topless...
Batmobile is about to become a topless...

Yes; yes he did. We see Superman rip the top off like it's a box top, followed by Batman standing up to him with his confident demeanor. Fans are applauding world-wide right now, and they rightfully should be.


What are you most excited to see in Batman V Superman?


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