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Am I angry at critics and audiences? Sort of.
Am I angry at critics and audiences? Sort of.

Don't make me laugh, Rotten Tomatoes.

There, now with that critical schmaltz out of the way, let's talk Blomkamp.

I'm gonna be honest here, I liked all of Neill Blomkamp's films, even going as far as defending Chappie and calling Elysium one of my favorite science-fiction films. Sure, I know that mostly everyone loved District 9, but I actually seemed to enjoy his more recent films a tad bit more.

That may not be the case with other people, and I do understand most of it. So, as a "get well" card to Blomkamp's film career, I decided to list a couple of film ideas that could get him back on the "Certified Fresh" track he was on back in 2009.

Given that Blomkamp is a sci-fi nut like I am, most of my choices are implemented in the sci-fi category one way or another. Also, some choices may not appeal well to others as it does to anyone interested.

1) A sci-fi action film about a robot family facing discrimination from humans.

While this already rings a few bells and whistles to the aforementioned Chappie, either intentionally or unintentionally, I encourage you to continue onwards. It gets more original from here.

In the future, the invention of robots has gone more wide-scale than previous efforts in the world. However, with technological advancements came a price. The creation of robots has led to overpopulation in America, Europe, and South Africa, which led to robot manslaughter, led by humans who want robots exterminated for the benefit of mankind. One robot family in particular is subject to gang attacks, poor healthcare, and, of course, discrimination by humans. Their son, Jeremy, suffers a mental "malfunction" and accidentally kills school bullies, which led to controversy, and eventually, riots. It's up to Jeremy and his family to escape the human armed forces and one of the bullies' father, Dimitri Hendrickson, a raging alcoholic and ex-military leader.

Good titles: "Spending Time With Family", "HUMaN", "Ex-Humans", "Family Time"

2) A sci-fi horror movie about a shuttle containing reanimated corpses of aliens defeated in planetary combat.

During one of the last space shuttle launches to Mars, the "Martians" fought back against Earth in a war to colonize the Earth. We won. Or at least, we thought. After a shuttle sent for Mars containing the bodies of Martians (similar to how soldiers send back bodies of dead soldiers to their home countries for their funerals.) goes haywire when the shuttle lands on its destination with the corpses seemingly coming back to life through unknown means, the astronauts have to find a way to establish contact with Earth to find a way home before the zombified Martians kill them.

Good titles: "Welcome Home", "Established Contact", "The Space Race"


3) A sci-fi romantic comedy-drama about an extraterrestrial alien boy falling in love with a human girl and trying to fit in to his new habitat.

(A/N: Ladies, this alien's open. xD)

Ever since humans and aliens agreed to live with each other on the terms that they do not reproduce with a human child or an alien child, aliens and humans have been segregated until the Law of Extraterrestrial Presence of 2030 allowed humans to go to alien schools and vice versa. Enter Merkuus, a 14-year-old alien teenage boy who (finally) moves from the planet Jupiter to Earth because of Jupiter becoming (for lack of a better word) old and stale. After school bullies get under his skin (err--alien skin.), he meets a human girl named Melanie Roxington, an English immigrant, who fall in love after Merkuus stands up for her while she's bullied.

Good titles: "Holding Hands", "Merkuus", "Un-Human Attraction", "Opposites Attract"

I could list on and on, but then, this list would take forever to finish. So, for the time being, thank you for reading! Be sure to share this, and comment if you want!


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