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It's finally here! The new trailer for the upcoming action-packed movie Batman V. Superman has arrived, courtesy of SDCC! If you haven't seen it, check it out below. If you have seen it, check it out again!

Now, I'll admit that I am not a fan of DC's film universe strategy. In fact I was just in a conversation with my podcast-mates about how rushed and weird it felt an hour or two before the trailer dropped. But I can not deny the truth, and the truth is that the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is ALL THE HYPE!

I may not agree with how they're doing it, but I am 100% excited for this superhero match-up for the ages! But of course, with this new trailer comes new questions. So go on a journey with me, as I breakdown this enticing trailer piece by piece; and try to speculate what we might see come March 25, 2016! First up,

Superman Is Going To Court

We all knew it was coming. 2013's Man of Steel saw Superman battling General Zod in a destructive and chaotic fight across Metropolis. Buildings were totaled, buildings with actual people inside. And even though Supes saved the everyone from planetary annihilation, it's pretty obvious that thousands still perished. True, it was Zod that started it. But Superman is equally as powerful and destructive as Zod, and two God-like aliens fighting in close radius of regular ol' humans is always going to equal death.

I gotta say, I really love this aspect of superhero's answering for their crimes. It shows that not everyone just blindly follows somebody because they're a hero. And that hero's do make mistakes.

Outside the court room are bunch of Superman protesters. Signs like 'Earth Belongs To Humans' and God Hates Aliens' can be clearly seen. Just this scene alone makes you sort of feel for Superman. Sure he accidentally destroyed half of a city, but these people are just focusing on the fact that he's alien.

Despite the fact that he looks like a regular human dude, people will never be able to get over the fact that he's from a different planet. It's interesting to see this sort of political aspect to superhero movies. Superman having these kind of naysayers shows you an Earth that isn't really ready to know that they aren't the only one's out there. It's going to be super interesting whenever the Green Lantern Corps visit Earth, that's for sure.

The main judge lady (look, I don't know her name) says pretty much what the whole world is thinking. They want to know what Superman stands for, and if he's truly here to protect them. Unfortunately, with this kind of species hating going on, it looks like Supes is going to have a rough time trying to prove to them that he's the good guy. But a bunch of rallied protesters with picket signs is the least of Clark Kent's worries.

He Just Pissed Off The Batman

That is a man watching a battle unfold in front of him. Who's fighting? Superman and General Zod. Who's the man? Bruce 'I'm The Godd**n Batman' Wayne! That building that's currently getting bisected by alien laser beams is presumably a building owned by Bruce. Bruce Wayne is known for being a humble rich man. He knows what he invests in, he's careful with who he works with.

He always makes sure to now his employees names and their life stories. So when Superman and Zod took that down building, most definitely killing the people inside, Bruce didn't just a couple office workers. He lost friends, he lost family.

Did...did the paper boy write this in...lipstick?
Did...did the paper boy write this in...lipstick?

And when you mess with the Batman's family, RUN. Seriously though, it's absolutely heartbreaking to see that Bruce was there during the events of Man of Steel. Bruce is a family man, he will always protect those he considers to be allies. Seeing that he was there, presumably to meet up with the people in that building really shows you how much pain Superman inadvertently caused the world.

It puts you in the POV of a man always puts others in front of himself. And right now, he just failed dozens of people he cared about. He blames himself sure, but he mostly blames the God-like extraterrestrial being with lasers in his cornea's. And he's more than a little peeved.

I have to say, I'm totally on Bruce's side in all of this. Superman didn't mean to cause that much chaos, but he did. And as a result, countless men, women and children have perished. If I were Batman, I'd want to put Superman in jail too.

A nice space jail, somewhere far from civilization. But Batman's reasonable, he'd let him out eventually, once he's learned his lesson. Yeah, sounds like a good plan. Just one tiny, teeny little problem with that though.

Batman's Out For Blood! Alien Blood!

"Now I have to destroy him."

Words spoken by BATMAN in this trailer! That's right, not incapacitate, not subdue, and certainly not 'have a friendly chat with'. Batman is aiming to DESTROY Superman! I mean, look, we all knew that Batman wasn't going to be holding any punches in this film. I mean, he asked Superman if he bled in the last trailer! But I didn't know that translated to "I'm going to literally kill you"!

If it were anyone else, I would have said they were just spouting nonsense. But this is Batman we're talking about, he doesn't joke about killing. He has a strict rule against it. He won't even kill his murderous, psychopathic clown enemy; despite all the times Joker has killed innocent people. So when Batman says that he wants to destroy you, you done goofed up.

But why is Batman so intent on killing Superman? I mean, sure he killed a bunch of his workers, but Joker has intentionally killed tons of people before, and Batman's never tried to put him down.

So what makes Superman any different? Well, it might not be Superman's recklessness that causes Batman to go over the edge. It might be something from his past, that Superman's destruction reminded him of.

As we already know, Batfleck has been operating for about 20 years now. He's no spry chicken when Dawn of Justice comes around, and he certain to have tussled with countless villains back in his day. Maybe this isn't just about Superman being reckless.

Maybe Batman already failed to save someone before, and this event caused him to remember that. But who could this person be? Who's close enough to Batman that his death would haunt the Dark Knight for decades?

Batman's Fallen Ally

Look at that. That dastardly Joker spray painted all over Batman's favorite suit. Now he has to go to the cleaners, get it washed, wipe the 'Hahaha' off of that 'R' emblem and oh my god.

*breathing heavily*
*breathing heavily*

Yep, that is without a doubt one of Robin's suits that Joker decided to tag. What does this mean. Well, I strongly doubt that the Joker spray painted 'The Jokes On You Batman' on Robin's chest and then just let him go. More likely, a Robin is dead. Which Robin though?

Most would assume that it was Jason Todd, the Robin that dies in the comics. Todd eventually comes back to life and adopts the anti-hero persona of Red Hood. But if earlier rumors are to be believed, it might be a different Robin. Specifically, the first one.

Earlier this year, set photos were leaked online (they're gone now) that showed a grave marked 'Richard John Grayson'. Why should you care about this Richard character? Well, because Richard John Grayson is the full name of the superhero Nightwing! And as any comic-savvy person knows, Nightwing was the very first Robin!

Now of course, DC didn't say anything about the claims that Dick Grayson would meet his demise in Batman v. Superman. But with a clearly dead Robin existing in the film, one can't help but wonder how much truth was behind those leaked photos. For now, all we know is that a Robin IS dead. Who that Robin is/was, we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, on to the next intriguing trailer topic. And this one has to do with everyone's favorite Gal Wonder!

Why Is Wonder Woman Here?

The question we all never really bothered to ask. We've all been so pumped to see Wonder Woman finally show up on the big screen, that we never really stopped to ask; Why is she here? What purpose does Wonder Woman have in a movie pitting Batman and Superman against each other? My theory? She might be working with Lex Luthor.

Now before you go cursing my name in the wind and making voodoo dolls with a picture of my face attached to them, I'm not saying that Wonder Woman is evil. Wonder Woman has had many jobs in the DC Universe. Well, she's only had one job, which is being an awesome Amazonian princess with impeccable lassoing skills. But her alter-ego, Diana Prince has been everything from an office worker to a government official.

I think she may be there to keep an eye on Superman for Lex. You have to remember, this film features a younger Lex Luthor. One that hasn't been outed by Superman, Batman or anyone else as a lying, evil dirtbag. Lex in this film is nothing but an upstanding humanitarian in the eyes of the public.

In the comics, Lex is seen in the same way, at first. And since he's such a humble and innocent man, he of course speaks out about the "menacing alien Superman'! It might be that Diana, as a government official, is tasked with keeping an eye on Superman for Lex, who she doesn't know is the evilest of dirtbags. Of course, she doesn't have to be working with Lex to do that; she could just be doing it of her own accord. It'd just be an interesting twist to see her working with Lex Luthor.

And we've seen in the trailer that Lex can easily persuade people to listen to him. I mean, just look at those gorgeous locks of hair. I'd follow that 'do in to battle any day.

Ok, I know this breakdown article has gotten a little lengthy for some, and my fingers are starting to break because of how fast I'm typing words. But there's still one more BIG thing to cover, and that's the 'Superman Fan Club'!

If you though Beliebers and Swifties were dedicated, just wait'll you see these guys!

The Superman Task Force! Or Not...

That gentleman there with the "sign of hope" (don't call it an S!) symbol on his chest may be part of some sort of Superman worshiping cult. A cult that absolutely loves Supes, and will do anything for him. They'll support him, they'll pray to him! They will...fight Batman in...a desert for him...

Also, remember when I mentioned that this Batman was aiming to kill Superman? Yeah well, he might have expanded his killing spree to just people with the S their clothing. As seen in this scene where Batman very clearly SNAPS A DUDE'S NECK!

So maybe don't wear that Superman tee in public anymore.

(gif courtesy of a shocking discovery made by Jim Galizia. I'd be lying if I said I found this on my own because I didn't think I'd have to look for it!)

Yeah, this is an odd scene. Gotham and Metropolis don't have any deserts as far as I know, so why would Batman and the 'Superman Appreciation Committee' be there? Well, it all starts to make sense when you realize that these guys are not Superman followers. They are there to tarnish Superman's good name even more!

Lex Luthor is a cunning man, he doesn't just try to kill his foes; he tries to discredit them. And what's a better way to discredit Superman than having a task force with his symbol on their uniforms going around killing people? The scene above might be the Superman Task Force wreaking havoc in a desert country, and Batman might be there to stop them.

Lex even says something that makes me believe this theory even more. "The Red Capes are coming, the Red Capes" are coming. Who are the Red Capes? Why the plural if he's talking about Superman, who only has one fashionable red cape? The Red Capes could very well be the name for this sinister army! It's the perfect plan. Batman fighting Superman, Superman worshipers shooting innocent civilians, and all the scared citizens running to Lex for protection. Bravo Lex, bravo.

Well that's it for this breakdown! What did you think? Did you like the trailer? More importantly, what did you think of Lex Luthor's on point hairstyle?

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'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' comes out March 25, 2016. It star Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Jesse Eisenberg!


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