ByRajat Chauhan, writer at

movie starts with a group of really cool friends....CHUNK (the fat one ) and as you can guess he will be there in the movie to give you little giggles with his innocency and ofcourse hunger, MOUTH as the name suggests he's the one in the group who does most of the talking sometime in spanish too, DATA the little cute asian kid with all the cool self made gadgets,which comes out really helpful in their quest , MIKEY the cool, adventure seeker,smart kid and his big brother BRAND with muscles come to know about that they might all lose their houses to some jerk who is father of a bullying kid TROY. So desperate to find the way to keep their house they found an old treasure map in their store room which belongs to the famous pirate ONE EYED WILLY.....then what can stop goonies to go on an adventurous quest but somehow an ITALIAN GANGSTER family also comes to know about the treasure. Now the kids have save themselves from these criminals as well as dangerous and full of thrill path to the treasure.
will they find the treasure ....and if they find it can they escape from these criminals. Well for that info you have to watch the movie and yeah


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