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We have just received a new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice directly from comic-con. The trailer is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long which is very long compered to all the other footage we have gotten so I have decided to analyse the trailer in detail.

We start off with Holly Hunter playing a US senator and she is talking about how dangerous Superman is to the world. We can see angry crowds shouting and holding up signs and live cameras filming superman as he goes to the supreme court! It seems that the whole world is angry because he destroyed Metropolis in Man Of Steel. Then we see Bruce Wayne during the climax of Man Of Steel, he is running towards one of the collapsing buildings which has a Wayne Finances logo on it which is quite odd since normally Wayne Finances is in Gotham but maybe Metropolis is merged together with Gotham in this universe? The building falls over and is destroyed. Also since when is it Wayne Finances instead of Wayne Enterprises.

Then we see a man (probably Alfred) walking towards a destroyed building which could be a destroyed Wayne Manor or a new type of batcave or both. We can see that Bruce Wayne is mad because his building is destroyed which leads me to think that after the events of Man Of Steel, Bruce Wayne looses all his money and that's why he is so mad because Superman destroyed what his parents did. We see Bruce looking at his Batman suit and we hear Alfred saying the same monologue from the last trailer but then we see him.

He seems very cool but he also looks more like a tailor then a butler. Then we see the police rushing to a scene with a criminal but Batman already took care of him but he left a mark like the Joker leaves his cards. We then see Lois Lane talking to Kal-El. Then we see lots of clips showing that Superman is pretty much Jesus. We see Lex Luthor with hair talking to the U.S Senator and then we see Lex presumably humiliating Superman? Then we see the villain from the last movie in a bodybag! Then we see Batman's old suit which has writing which from the Joker! We see a clip of the Wayne murder and then we see Wonder Woman in action which looks pretty awesome. We see Batman fighting a bunch of the Superman soldiers. We see Lex Luthor looking at Kryptonite. Then we hear a monologue form Lex and clips of Batman Fighting Superman. Then Superman pulls off the top of the Batmobile to reveal Batman!

This trailer is epic but I feel that we saw almost too much and I think it is strange that Lex Luthor still has his hair the whole time, I know it's probably a wig but still weird! I hope you enjoyed this and click below to watch the trailer yourself!

-Moses Ochs


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