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The first official trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice just dropped online and it's better than we expected it to ever be.

Superman is being held accountable for the destruction of Metropolis, he's viewed as a menace by some and a savior by others. But one individual who sees Superman as a great threat is Bruce Wayne, he was there to view the events that went down in Metropolis and he's got a score to settle with the Man Of Steel. Returning as the Batman, he will go to toe to toe with the superhero and make him pay for what he's done.

This trailer is one of the most incredible trailers I have ever seen. I cried, I sweat and I got the shakes, this blew me away.

Lets go through some of the coolest parts of the trailer:

Okay, I know this is some way into the trailer, but I can't help but put this first!

Yep.....that's the costume of Robin, Batman's famed sidekick. The graffiti on the torso reads "HAHAH, Jokes on you BATMAN"....confirming the rumor that Batman has the armor of Robin hanging in the Batcave after he was murdered by the Joker. This is an incredibly intriguing screenshot for a Batman fan, I hope we see a flashback or two of Batman and his sidekick. This is presumably the Jason Todd Robin, the Robin who was famously murdered by the Joker.

This is Batman presumably fighting Superman's followers, it looks as though he attempted to sneak into an armed base to face the hero but was stopped in his tracks by his armed followers.

Wonder Woman has been an aspect of Batman V Superman that I've been rather concerned about, but from the looks of her character in the trailer, she looks pretty cool. I love the look of the character and from the setting I'm guessing that she will factor in during the final act, when the great threat appears that forces Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to join forces.

This got me really excited, as Superman fires his laser vision at Batman he grapples away in classic Batman fashion, from this image alone it looks as though we're going to be getting a much more faithful to the comics iteration of Batman.

Superman heading to court, the answer for the damage he caused. Many see Superman as an alien threat and for good reason. He flattened half a city during his conflict with General Zod.

Bruce Wayne witnessing the battle in Metropolis.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor; "Devils don't come from hell beneath they come from the sky".

The body of General Zod, rumored to factor into the creation of supervillain Doomsday who may or may not be the threat that arises later in the film.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed as Thomas Wayne. This is a flashback to the moment Bruce's parents were murdered in Crime Alley.

Our first look at Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's butler.

Lex Luthor admiring some kryptonite; Superman's weakness.

The final shot of the trailer. Batman and Superman either about to go into furious battle or put aside their differences.

Obviously I am losing my mind over this trailer guys, this movie looks miles better than I ever thought it could and I already had gigantic expectations for it. Let me know what you thought of this trailer down in the comments or on Twitter @JamesPorter97

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters March 25th 2016.


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