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Directors assuring rapt crowds that they "do it for the fans" is rapidly becoming a tired Comic-Con cliche, but J.J. Abrams really put his money where his mouth was on Friday and treated Star Wars buffs to something truly magnificent.

At the end of the Star Wars panel, instead of going for a regular "thank you and goodnight," Abrams unleashed his inner showman in a frenzy of lightsabers, fireworks and orchestral splendor after casually asking 6,500 people, "who wants to see a live Star Wars concert right now?"

A few of the Star Wars panel
A few of the Star Wars panel

After almost every single person (apart from the approximately 25 people who hung around for Kevin Smith's sparsely attended panel) gleefully accepted the invitation, they were led outside by Stormtroopers and gifted a lightsaber to frantically wave to their hearts' content.

A shot of the Star Wars concert
A shot of the Star Wars concert

Once outside, the San Diego symphony orchestra launched into a spine-tingling set of John Williams’ greatest hits, complete with clips from the films and an obligatory explosion of fireworks to finish.

Luckily for those who weren't lucky enough to attend, John Boyega uploaded this awesome Instagram video that captures the electric atmosphere rippling through the event:

The event also marked Harrison Ford's first public appearance after his plane crash back in March. The 72-year-old actor took to the stage using a lightsaber as a cane and assured bellowing audiences that:

"I'm fine. I walked here so how bad can it be?"

While this awesome fan event is already being hailed as one of the highlights of Comic-Con 2015, one person who wasn't too enamored with the publicity stunt was Kevin Smith whose panel was left almost empty after the mass exodus.

You've gotta feel for the dude, but maybe he should have just followed everyone outside. If you can't beat them, join them, eh?

(Source: Wired and The Hollywood Reporter)


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