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Bruce Wayne may or may not be my favorite character in all of fiction.

It seems safe to say that Warner Bros. did not disappoint with their presentation today at Comic-Con. After sharing a sizzle reel for their upcoming slate of DC films and showing off the very first footage of next summer's Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder came on stage and gave the fans exactly what they wanted: the second trailer for next year's highly anticipated film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The three and a half minute video, which has since been made available online in high definition, features several standout moments that will have fans hitting the replay button for weeks to come.

Before you scroll any further, beware, POSSIBLE SPOILERS lie ahead. For those of you who want to head into BvS completely in the dark, stop reading now.

Still with us? Okay, without further adieu, here are the three most important things we've learned from this trailer:

At least one of the Robins has died

One of the hotter rumors surrounding BvS has been the inclusion of the famed A Death in the Family story arc as a side plot of the film. For those who don't know, Jim Starlin's now infamous comic centered around the Joker's capture, torture, and subsequent murder of the second Robin, Jason Todd. At the trailer's two minute mark, Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is seen looking up at a graffiti-covered Robin costume in a display case. While it's a bit too soon to tell which Boy Wonder the Joker has actually killed—other rumors have pointed to the death of an entirely different sidekick—it seems that Wayne's 20 year career as the Dark Knight has resulted in at least one major tragedy. Further proof of this comes earlier in the trailer (at the :55 mark) where Bruce looks upon a Daily Planet article covering the Metropolis incident. The handwritten words "YOU LET YOUR FAMILY DIE" are scrawled across the page; a classic Joker trope. While the article itself covers the deaths of employees of Wayne Enterprises during Superman's battle with General Zod, the inscription seems to be clearly referencing another incident.

The death of a sidekick seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point, but which of the Robins actually bit the dust? Is Zack Snyder in fact allergic to the sort of vibrant (read: not so washed out) colors that you typically see in a Robin costume? And isn't that one of the odder-looking Robin staffs you've ever seen? Whatever, we might actually see the Bat Family on screen at some point in the future. GET EXCITED PEOPLE.

Gal Gadot has completely nailed the Wonder Woman look

When Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman back in December of 2013, detractors ridiculed the selection. Some were reasonable about it, pointing to the 30 year old's lack of tangible acting experience. Others were...less reasonable, pointing to the actress' bust size (seriously?) and her generally thin frame as reasons why she couldn't pull off the look of an Amazon. But in her all-too-brief appearance in the trailer, Gadot is shown kicking ass and taking every name possible, all while looking like she was ripped straight from the pages of the comics. It remains to be seen whether or not Gadot will give a strong performance as Diana Prince, but there's no denying that she has knocked the look of the character out of the damn park.

If she wasn't your favorite part of the trailer, she should have been. Obligatorily heterosexual side note: how gorgeous is Gadot looking in this trailer?

This is NOT the Batman vs. Superman fight we expected

Forget Lex Luthor. Forget the political and social ramifications of the Battle of Metropolis. Hell, even forget the increasingly-likely third act fight scene between DC's Trinity and Doomsday, Bizzaro, or Metallo. Batman v Superman is the most anticipated superhero movie since The Avengers because we're going to actually see the Man of Steel face off against the Dark Knight on the big screen. But those who expected a brief, halfhearted quarrel resulting in a respectful handshake were likely shocked by what they saw in today's trailer.

Did Superman really just try to outright blast an unarmored Batman with his heat vision, or is that just a clever bit of editing? If it's the latter, kudos to the editing department, because this is going to be a major talking point in nerd circles for a while. Superman's killing of Zod in Man of Steel was highly controversial, sure, but it served to justify a presumed no-kill policy in the character's future. So is the Big Blue Boyscout sending out a warning shot of epic proportions here? Or is he really looking to kill Batman?

Superman isn't the only one resorting to extreme measures in the trailer. Despite Alfred Pennyworth's protests, Batman seems intent on permanently removing Kal-El from the equation, going as far as to say, "He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. And we have to destroy him." No, he didn't say stop, or take out; he said destroy. Does that mean kill? How bloodthirsty are the founding members of the Justice League, exactly? Fingers firmly crossed that DC's poster boys aren't quite as homicidal as they come off in this trailer.

All minor bits of criticism aside, today's trailer was an absolute knockout. Those lucky enough to be in attendance surely got their money's worth. This is going to be the longest eight months ever.


Which aspect of the BvS trailer got your adrenaline running?


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