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As we know , Ben Affleck is our new Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice movie , and many poeple are having problems with the cast of the character , looking at the history of Affleck's movies , but his Batman has alot of advantages on the other actrs of the character.

Looking at Ben Affleck's body , we see that he has the Batmans's physique because we know batman as the big bad vigilante that all the criminals are afraid of him! So he made his body looke exactly like the Caped Crusader.

This Suit in my opinion is the Best so far ! They didn't went with making a new suit , all black or with nipples , they went with the Comics , if you don't know , the designe of this suit is taken from The Dark Knight Returns Comic . We see the Big black bat in his chest , gray and black is better then all black i think which makes it even scarier ! also the new Batman's armor against Superman !

The Batmobile and the Batwing are gonna play a big role in Batman's fight against Superman , by seeing the trailer we got a great look at what the vehicules can do!

The story in Batman v Superman is talking about Batman fighting a god like being , and we haven't seen an epic battle for Batman in all of his movies , because he fights against his own enemies like The Joker , Bane , Two Face and many other Gotham Villains , but in this movie he's fighting against the strongest being on earth and he's a match for him ! With his skills he can defeat Superman and win !

That was my honest opinion ! Make sure to leave your's in the comments , also if i forgot any other reason let me know . What do you think about Ben Affleck as Batman ?


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