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Yesterday, one of LA's roaming packs of photographers managed to spot a wild Mickey Rourke wandering the streets with his tiny dog. At least, I think that's Mickey Rourke... He's certainly done something to his face...

Anyway, one of the paps decided to grill Rourke with some pertinent questions. Questions like what he feeds his dog, what he's done to his face and what he thought of Caitlyn Jenner.

Rourke decided to not answer those questions and instead went on an unprovoked tirade against Republican presidential candidate and billionaire toupé balancer, Donald Trump. As it turns out, Rourke would rather fire a gun up his digestive tract than vote for the walking public relations disaster. Check out the video below, and once again, I assure you that is Mickey Rourke:

Although Trump hasn't won the support of Rourke, he is apparently gaining in the polls for the role of Republican candidate - and this is after the mass exodus of business connections that resulted from his derogatory comments about Mexicans. Currently, he's on around 15% support from Republican voters, putting him ahead of Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida (11%).

However, analysts have said this support is unlikely to materialize practically, and that it is likely just a response to the recognition his name holds in a crowded Republican field.

The central premise of Trump's campaign seems to revolve around undocumented immigrants, with his solution to the problem being to build a 'big wall' which he would make Mexico pay for. This is obviously the wall referred to by Rourke above.

But now all that politics is out of the way, can we just go back to Mickey Rourke? I mean, seriously, what has happened there?

Source: TMZ


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