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We have all seen the new trailer of Batman v superman and we seen the recent Easter egg of robin's suit being displayed, This is my theory on the subject of robin Batman's second hand man, It appears that he is dead right? but what if he's not dead, what if Robin faked his own death to become Night wing or the joker thought he killed Robin but didnt quite finish the job so Dick Grason AKA Robin/NightWing made an all new identity for himself to protect his loved one's from the enemy because they worked out who robin really is, (even robin has his enemy's) So it could be the beginning of night wing.
That is my thoughts on the Easter egg that was found in the New Batman V Superman Trailer 2 watch the trailer under this. enjoy

Trailer 2

(robins suit on display) new trailer from Comic Con.

what do you think of my theory?, Be honest nothing will be taken to hart

Night Wing
Night Wing

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