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No matter how you're trying to break into the entertainment industry, the hardest part by far is when you're starting out - just trying to get going. That can certainly be said for actors, but I would venture to say for female actors, or actresses, it's even more difficult.

There is so much pressure on a female who wants to be an actress to look a certain way and to weigh a certain amount. Jennifer Lawrence described in an interview at Comic-Con the way she felt she was treated by Hollywood when she started and how, maybe, that has evolved.

Once you become a part of two major franchises - like X-Men Series and The Hunger Games - it's a lot easier to be accepted for your talents and for who you are. However, when it comes to a younger struggling actress, it's not the same. Jennifer Lawrence spoke in a very real way about how she is past the stage of all of that mattering, which makes it so difficult for her to really comment on that struggle anymore.

I think Lawrence and many of those actresses who get scrutinized for tiny imperfections should be looked at for their acting chops and should not be body-shamed. Here are some of her quotes from Comic-Con. She took quite the stand on gender in Hollywood, similar to the one Sandra Bullock took recently.

When Jennifer was asked whether she's changed things for the better for women in Hollywood she said:

"I would hope so. I would hope that there are more opportunities for women. I was having a conversation with somebody about the struggles with weight in the industry. I know that’s something I talk nonstop about. And they were saying, “All of the main movie stars aren’t very underweight.” I said, “Yeah, because once you get to a certain place, people will hire you. They just want you to be in the movie, so they don’t care.”

Her newfound stardom has made things easier on her with regard to the public eye:

"I’m not in a place where I could complain, or speak of not getting enough roles because I’m very lucky — I have a lot of opportunities. But I would be interested to hear someone who is not in two franchises answer that question, because I’m not really in a place to fully understand it."

It's almost as if she understands that immense pressure of starting out, but can no longer adequately comment on it.

She adds:

"It’s more about the struggle for the actors and actresses who haven’t made it to a certain place. No matter what, there’s a lot of pressure."

Bottom line: Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous and tremendously talented. End of story. But I like how she's taking a stand for women in general. And she realizes there is more ground to be made in the battle for equality in Hollywood.


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