ByMatt, writer at

The only thing that made me not give this beauty 10 stars was: "What's a new 'Jurassic Park' doing, by creating a hybrid dinosaur!?"

We loved how T-rex appeared, but, why in the ending only? Why Indominus Rex was the attention? And, In the ending, T-rex won! I got pretty sad because T-rex didn't appeared in the whole movie!

They could have showed T-rex, and after that, Indominus being the center of attention... The viewers would ask for T-rex, and he would do a triumphal entry by killing Indominus.

The actors' performance was very good, the best moment was when Bryce Dallas Howard screamed "Run!". The CG's staff did a great job with the dinosaurs, they were really impressive, and the cenary was very good too, the park was the most beautiful, and the forest was well assembled.


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