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hmm, where to begin? well, the picture above was taken awhile ago, i would have done a closer picture to show our faces more, but i don't want to be hunted down by an ax murderer. As you can see, we are all Identical Triplet girls. i'll post a video down below of a video of us, to show you that we truly are identical triplets. :D

Q: what's it like to be a triplet?

A: well, pretty cool. everyone is special, no matter how you are born, look or act. remember that. anyway, i don't wake up every morning and remember, oh! i'm a triplet! no, i kinda forget that i am till someone stops me on the streets while passing by and they say, "are you triplets?" and we all answer at the same time, "yes."

Q: so you say things at the same time?

A: sometimes. when someone asks, how old are you all, or what grade, we all same the same answer and freak them out. it's quite hilarious, but sometimes we don't do it on purpose.

Q: ever switch clothes at school to confuse your teachers?

A: we did one time, we fooled them, but it ended short, considering we have different hair styles so they can identify us. lol but once we're in a pool and it's back, they have no clue who we are.

Q: any powers?

A: ok, a lot of people ask, if you hit yourself does the other one feel it? we don't, i don't know if others do. but we feel the same emotion, like if one got yelled at, and we don't know it, we feel sad to for some reason. does that count? hmm, but we all sometimes have the same dreams, at the same time.

Q: what would you do if your boyfriend/husband can't tell you apart from the others?

A: i'll say, "honey....over here," and wave. lol but also, i would probably help him, wither by wearing something that the other don't like a bracelet, but i already wear an S necklace all the time, but still. it really depends if he has a very hard time telling me apart from the others.

Q. Drivers licence? that's it.

A: a....ok. lol we had this joke that one triplet would take the test, the other the driving test, and the other as a back-up. lol and if we get another Disneyland pass, one would get in and toss the card to the other from behind the gate. :D just kidding.

Q: do you all fight more than other people's kids?

A: all siblings fight, just because we are closer, doesn't mean we fight more. Ya we fight but only sometimes. mostly over stupid stuff. lol

Q: so that might mean you will have triplets when you get married?

A: it does in deed. but no guaranty. i might carry the gens but it doesn't always work. lol but i have always wanted triplets to! lol if i don't birth them, i'll adopt them. ;)

Q: you can't insult your sisters right? ;)

A: lol no i certainly cannot. i can't call them ugly because, you know. Just to tease them i say to one of them, "hey beautiful," for a joke like i'm saying it to myself. lol

Q: Did your parents mix you up all the time?

A: they better not have! lol just kidding. not really. as a baby they kept us in certain colors. today they sometimes can't tell us apart. if we are behind one of them, they can't tell us by our voices.

Q: does your voices sound alike?

A: not to me. people say we do sound alike. sometimes, mostly when we sing together, we can shape and change our voices to sound alike, and have perfect harmonization. sometimes it sounds like a broken record. lol

Q: Did you have your own baby language?

A: i don't know if we did but now that we are older, we can talk to each other and know what we mean, while family and friends don't have a clue....if that counts.

Q: Did your parents ever dress you up alike?

A: only when we were younger and they all made us where the same Spongebob t-shirts when we were at Disneyland. ugh. So that if one of us were lost, they would show one or two of us saying "Have you seen a kid that looks like this?" like that would help. lol

Well, that's all i can think of, but please shoot me a comment down below and i would be happy to reply to it. :D and just as i promised, here is our very first video (from years ago). our first YouTube video together, so if we act stupid, remember....we were just having fun with the camera. ;) P.S could not find a close up picture of us all, so this is all i got. lol bye for now! :D


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