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If you were to ask me when Nicolas Cage goes crazy, screaming "Not the bees! Ah! There in my eyes!" in this, then I'd probably say, "Not even once."

Left Behind is the worst movie of 2014, and has beaten The Last Airbender as one of the worst films I've ever seen. Ever.

Nicolas Cage (obviously shoe-horned into this to burn his career to ash) plays a pilot who tries to land a plane in which some of the passengers have mysteriously vanished, leaving it full of panicking passengers who have sinned somewhere in their lives. They probably sinned from saying "sure" to being in this movie, other than that, I really don't see what their problem is. Also aboard this madhouse is Chad Michael Murray, a person who was on some news, who tries to assist the pilot in getting the plane to its inevitable cliffhanger safety. But the plane's not the only place where people are disappearing, as the same predicament is happening on land, leaving Cassi Thompson to piece together what's going on.

Alright, now onto the problems, and...there's a lot. First, Cage himself seems completely out of it. What's essential in a bad Nicolas Cage movie is his outbursts, which give him much more charm to, at least, make the movie so bad, it's weirdly enjoyable. There's none of that. Cage is a piece of cardboard in this, always stiff as a board, and as bland as a stale piece of bread. But he's not the only one, everyone else in the movie suffers from blandness and terrible performances, with the biggest contenders being Cassi Thompson and Chad Michael Murray. They add nothing to the film, and are only there to build false tension.

Second, the music. I almost NEVER say this about a movie, except Legend of Hercules, but this needs mentioning. The music in this movie is obnoxious that whenever something "serious" is going down, it would play out like music loops from GarageBand on a Mac. What's even worse is that nothing stood out in the music department, even if it tries to be over-the-top 90's orchestra...with added rock drums.

Third, the direction. Vic Armstrong was previously a stuntman for Indiana Jones, and he takes the director's chair in this movie. His direction is moronically clunky and all over the place. It seems that every time things go down on the plane, they immediately have to check on land to see what's going on. Nothing wrong with that, but the problem is, it never keeps focus on one particular setting or one particular scene for long. If they kept it on the plane and left the scenes on the streets alone, we would have had some time to develop the characters, even with Left Behind's atrocious writing.

Lastly, the message is excruciatingly heavy-handed. It tries to shove all the biblical talk down your throat so many times to try and pose some meaning or purpose that you could have easily just went to church and ask questions. I'm sure they would have been fine with making it easy for you to understand and give you time to breathe. This movie hammers a nail into your brain about Jesus and God and heaven so much that it pulls you out of its barely relatable world, leaving you annoyed and, at worst, confused.

Left Behind is easily, without question, the worst film I've ever seen.


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