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OK now. the year is 2134 and we are in a post-apocalyptic world of panic and frenzy where we are under attack by bandits, outlaws, gangs, etc. for food, water and any other belongings that they would want. and i need to assemble a team to help survive all of this madness. so before i start i have decided not to use any superheroes for this contest to make it a little more challenging, i chose some actual bad-ass people without any superhuman abilities to join the team and totally dominate the post-apocalyptic world. Now lets start.

Bruce Lee


  • Leader
  • Decision Maker
  • Muscle

Bruce Lee is a remarkable human being, a genius and a born leader. When times get rough so does he, never scared or intimidated by anyone or anything, And to be truthful he could most likely survive the apocalypse by himself, but the reasoning for me choosing him to lead is because hes not the beat down first and ask questions later kind of guy but more breaking down the problem and choosing the best possible way to go about it being violent or non violent, also he would sacrifice himself for a another teammate and that also goes with the decision making position as well. And for the position for the muscle..... come on? if he were to sacrifice himself for the better of the team and the baddies took him prisoner and made him fight in an arena like in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome he would not just beat any and everyone in there, but would beat his way back to freedom with his bare hands and feet alone, and if he found some nun-chucks along the way all i got to say is game over.

Jon Snow


  • Muscle
  • Scout

Jon with all of his years of training in the nights watch would make a great scout, looking for the enemy and letting us know what kind of enemy, where they are coming from, and what kind of arsenal they are bringing from a distance would be a great thing so we can be ready for them. As an unbelievably great swordsman and with him being pretty knowledgeable would also make him another pretty good addition of muscle to the team. He and Bruce would be the front line of defense if things got bad and Jon would have no problem killing the enemy if it came down to it.

Hunter S. Thompson


  • Doctor
  • Driver
  • Good Luck Charm

Every team needs a doctor and well one good thing about Hunter is that by the apocalypse he would have stocked up on plenty of "meds" for the team, but the best for him respectively. But in all seriousness he is a genius, yes he may butt heads with Bruce and Jon about his "Habits" but he is always willing to work together. if someone gets hurt he would know what drug to help them out with and when to take it. And Hunter is a pretty damn good driver as well and seems to always have luck on his side at all times to. Plus he is mostly in a state of mind where it is him against the world anyways and the apocalypse would just be one big fun game to him. And on the other hand when times get rough the team could just sit back and enjoy some cheap entertainment of him just rambling on and on about giant reptiles and bats in the sky.


Were going to save the world! You Coming?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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