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As a young citizen of course I knew already about homeless people. Yas i'm a smiler since then. When the time hannah montana started, I've been supporting Miley Cyrus. There was this event that happened during VMA 2013 some smiler changed their thoughts about Miley. But that even didn't change me of admiring her. Ut doesn't affects me because for me, what stands most about knowing Miley Cyrus is her good side. I always say to people that Miley is a very good person. She does donation to every charity. When that "twerking" thing happened, the tabloids rise up! They've just noticing the negative side of this beautiful girl but they don't know much about the good side of Miley. That's the reason why I didn't let go of idolizing Miley. Because I know that behind that character she's doin' on stage she has her golden heart. I'm so proud for her becauase she's not afraid to tell the world the different sides of her character. She "IS" who she is. She's determined to do anything she want to do. I LOVE U MY DIRTY HIPPIE


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