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Tales of Halloween has just screeched, wailed and wept its way into Comic-Con 2015, and this horror anthology looks like it has everything required to get any horror fan all fired up on soaked adrenaline for the season of scares.

Featuring ten terrifying tales from 11 directors, this celebration of all things Halloween looks like it has the potential to hit all the right buttons, with elements that veer from hilariously surreal to sadistic at lighting speed in the trailer.

With directors such as Neil Marshall ( Game of Thrones ) and Dave Parker (Masters Of Horror), I have my fingers crossed for some top quality frights and with all of the Halloween elements below being crammed into a mere 1.22, I don't think I'll be disappointed!

10. Horrifying Masks

9. Being Followed by Sinister Figures

8. Slutty Costumes

7. Faces Only a Mother Could Love

6. Screaming Terror

5. Drooling Minotaurs?!

4. Evil Clowns

3. Menacing Meat Cleavers

2. Possessed Pumpkins

1. Gratuitous Gore

Get a load of the impossibly action-packed trailer for yourself in the video below:

Tales of Halloween will hit theaters on October 16

(Source: Deadline)


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