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Eli Roth's tribal-cannibal horror The Green Inferno has been sitting on the shelf for several years now, but it finally seems like the Cannibal Holocaust-inspired horror will arrive on the big screen.

Roth recently released a new sneak-peek of his directorial return while at the San Diego Comic-Con. Although the clip is rather short, in that small time it does manage to illustrate quite effectively the terrifying sensory overload of the not-so-happy soon-to-be-meals. Check it out below:

The Green Inferno took the unusual step of filming almost entirely in the Peruvian jungle with an actual tribe. However, Roth discovered on arrival that the tribe had never seen a movie before, and in fact were not even aware of what one was. Faced with this, Roth showed the tribe Cannibal Holocaust, which apparently went down a treat!

The Green Inferno will finally enter theaters on September 25, 2015.

Source: Deadline


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