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So we just got the new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice from Comic-Con. It's an awesome trailer full of awesome things and it's time we got down to discussing everything about this trailer.

Holly Hunter's Character Revealed

So Holly Hunter is to play a Senator who's not a big fan of Supes and is working with Luthor. I don't really have much to say about her character, she's just there speaking about stuff that we don't care about. Enough politics, let them fight!

Supes Goes To Court

Supes is in twouble. Ben Affleck had stated that there would be a sense of realism in this film compared to the MCU. It appears Superman will have to account for the destruction caused in Man Of Steel. This will probably happen very early in the film.

Bruce Was There...He's Eeeeeeeeeeverywhere

Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis when Zod attacked and he saw his building be completely destroyed. This will clearly be a motivation for his fight with Superman. While he hated that his building was destroyed, he seemed perfectly fine with Superman throwing his satellite at Zod.

Mystery Building

A mystery person approaching a mystery building, mysterious. My theory is that it is either a burned down Wayne Manor or the building with the pillars that Batman was in from the first trailer.

First Look At Alfred

Jerermy Irons was revealed in the new trailer and he looks pretty cool. It seems like there will be some conflict between Bruce and Alfred over whether or not Superman is a villain.

Clark Wants Batman

Bruce isn't a fan of Superman and it appears that Clark isn't so mad about the Batman. I'm looking forward to seeing Clark doing some journalism since we will probably be getting the best of both worlds: Metropolis and Gotham.

Never Fear, Lex Luthor Is Here

Lex is as devious as ever and appears to be stroking Supes! Supe no likey! He seems to despise the arrival of Superman but I believe he has a whole other agenda going on. We also saw Mercy Graves who looks scary!

Jason Todd???

Bruce is standing by a suit with a particular "R" that has been painted with a Joker taunt. It appears that Robin is canon and we might see Dick Grayson, Jason Todd or even Tim Drake. Hey, maybe Jared Leto shows up in a cameo.


The image isn't quite clear enough but someone with a chain is retrieving something in the water. It might be Aquaman, it might be a worker for Lexcorp grabbing Kryptonite or Zod's body or it's just Superman rescuing someone. I doubt it's Aquaman or Superman since the guy is wearing goggles.

The Death Of The Waynes

We also get a glimpse of the murder of Batman's parents. It looks a little cheesey and feels like Watchmen for some reason but I won't look too much into this. We don't need Batman's origin again so this should be over quick.

Destruction...And Batman

A particular city appears to be on fire and the Batplane is here to save people. This appears to be the area of the final battle where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have to take down Luthor or someone working for him.

Wonder Woman!

So it seems clear that our favourite heroine will have some of the action and not just be Diana Prince. It will probably be for only one scene but it's definitely going to be cool.

3 Batsuits

So we have the normal Batsuit, the Dark Knight Returns inspired Armour suit and this strange desert guise. Batman appears to be fighting the Superman Squad. It opens the question of why is Superman ordering people to fight Batman? A lot of people are saying Batman is breaking their necks here but I seriously doubt that even Batman is that good at snapping someone's neck in that position.


Lex Luthor seems to have gotten his hands on some Kryptonite. Where he got it from and how it plays into the film remains a mystery. Maybe Batman is working with Luthor.

Supes Ain't Happy

So after all of this, it appears that Bats is finally going to get what's coming to him as Superman rips up the Batmobile. This battle shall be glorious! Let them fight...

Any easter eggs I missed? There were some people on horses that I didn't get and there was of course the Bat signal that we already saw. Have a good day!


What's Your Favourite Part Of The Trailer?


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