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Battle Arena returns by pitting these 2 adventurous badass dudes who we all admire in our own ways. Now while these characters may have different antagonists they face and are from completely different games, they both have a similar skill set, now lets see who beats who in this Battle Arena.

Leon S. Kennedy

One of the few survivors in the Raccoon City viral outbreak, Leon Scott Kennedy is one of the most skilled soldiers on the planet. He can perform any tasks he is given, and has the skills and feats to prove it. He deals with zombified humans on a daily basis and has defeated monstrous mutants using his cunning and unique set of skills he has learned over the years. Now lets see what those skills are.


  • Master Hand to Hand combatant- Leon Kennedy is a master when it comes to hand to hand combat. He is able to take out mutated humans and animals who have been subjected to deadly viruses with nothing but his fighting skills.
  • Expert knife expert- Leon prefers to use knives when it comes to up close combat because they "Work better". He can easily subdue and take out any opponent with a single blade, and has pin point accuracy when it comes to throwing knives.
  • Professional Marksman- Leon is an expert marksman, being able to land head shots on zombies from around 50 yards away. He also has skills in many types of firearms and is highly skilled in them all, but prefers to use his signature handgun.
  • Peak human conditioning- Leon is at peak human perfection, being able to perform Olympic level feats.
  • Incredible agility- Leon has shown to be able to dodge oncoming laser grids perfectly, utilizing his agility and flexibility to avoid any injury.
  • Amazing resiliency- Leon can take a punch, perfectly. He has withstood a punch from a Super Tyrant, which sent him flying into a pillar, and got up like nothing happened. He also fell form a helicopter and landed on his shoulder, but showed no ill effects.
  • Strategic Intellect- Leon has spent years being a agent, soldier, and spy. He is a master of coming up with strategies to ensure his survival and success in any situation.

Alright, now we now what Leon is capable of, lets check out his opponent from the Uncharted series.

Nathan Drake

Arguably one of the greatest thieves in Video Game history, Nathan Drake is a smooth talking, wise cracking, badass who has performed death defying stunts. Handling all sorts of criminals and managing to come out on top, Nathan Drake is a prodigy when it comes to adventure and thievery. But lets see what makes him so skilled.

  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant- Nathan Drake's fighting proficiency has improved dramatically throughout the Uncharted Series' progression. He is able to effortlessly take out men who larger than him.
  • Skilled Marksman- Throughout his career, Nathan has learned how to effectively use any weapon he acquires, from handguns to assault rifles, Nathan can use it to his advantage and not have any problems.
  • Adaptive- Nathan Drake can adapt to any situation at hand. If something goes wrong, Nathan can easily adjust to the circumstances and continue his mission. This allows him to get out of most situations alive.
  • Peak physique- Nathan has the physicality of some of the most physically capable people on the planet. This helps when faced with physically opposing foes.
  • Dirty fighter- Nathan rake doesn't care for honor, and will easily pull a weapon on one in the middle of a fight. He will fight dirty and will use anything at his disposal to take out his foe.
  • Master Climber- Nathan is a master when it comes to climbing any terrain. From rocky jagged mountains to derailing trains, if its vertical, Nathan can climb it.
  • Uses Environment- Nathan is highly skilled when using the environment to his advantage. If he sees an opening or anything that can help him, he will take it, allowing him to escape and survive over any opposition he faces.
  • High degree of luck- Nathan is incredibly lucky. When in seemingly inescapable or highly dangerous odds, Nathan somehow manages to effectively survive and escape.

Alright, now we know what these characters have to offer. Its time to pit these men in a battle for supremacy.


(Nathan Drake is seen with many men in a forest within the country of Germany, stealing the cargo inside a large shipping container near a facility.)

Nathan: Come on, guys, we don’t have all day, we need to get done with this by 3 o'clock.

Comrade: We’re trying here!

Nathan: I know, and i’m sorry, just try and hurry, i’m not going to some german prison because you guys are too slow.

(A helicopter is then heard in the distance.)

Nathan: You’re kidding.

Comrade: Shit!

Nathan: Alright, you guys keep shipping, i’ll check these guys out.

Comrade: Alright.

(Nathan runs into the forest. The Helicopter is then seen landing. Leon Kennedy is seen inside.)

Leon: Thanks.

Pilot: No problem, make sure those bastards don’t leave with the cargo, we can’t have that virus in there getting set loose.

Leon: Right.

(Leon steps off the chopper and nods at the pilot, signaling her to go. Leon then pulls out a Handgun and runs into the forest towards the Facility in the distance. He runs through the forest, only for Nathan to leap down from a tree, tackling Leon to the ground. Nathan punches Leon twice, only for Leon to quickly pistol whip Nathan in the face, knocking Nathan off him. Leon gets up and aims his handgun at Nathan.)

Leon: Who are you!?

Nathan: Heyy… Sorry about that, see you just scared me, so I kinda went all rambo on you and stuff.

Leon: You’re a terrible liar.

(Nathan looks behind Leon, seeing one of his comrades. He tries to signal him to go away, but this only results in Leon finding out that there is a person behind him. Leon quickly turns around and shoots the comrade, killing him. Nathan uses this to his advantage and runs up to Leon. Nathan bear hugs Leon.)

Nathan: Gotcha buddy.

(Nathan lifts Leon in the air and slams him into the ground headfirst. Leon quickly recovers and sweep kicks Nathan, tripping him onto the floor. Leon aims his pistol, only for Nathan to kick it out of the way and pull out his own handgun. Nathan shoots Leon in the shoulder, but Leon quickly rolls onto his feet and fires his gun at Nathan, who runs and tackles Leon, slamming him into a tree. Leon drops his handgun, allowing Nathan to pick it up and dual wield 2 handguns, which he fires at Leon. Leon quickly runs away into the forest, avoiding the gunfire.)

Nathan: They only sent one guy? Hm, dumbasses.

(Nathan quickly runs back to the facility. He meets up with his comrades, only to see them all on the floor, taken out.)

Nathan: Holy shit.

(Nathan is suddenly swept kicked from behind by Leon, tripping him onto the ground. Leon is about to slam a combat knife into Nathan’s neck, but Nathan quickly catches Leon’s arm with both of his hands, dropping his 2 handguns. Nathan and Leon have a battle of strength.)

Nathan: You’re tough, i’ll give you that.

(Nathan knees Leon in the side, then punches him in the face. Leon rolls away, but then spins, swinging his foot into Nathan’s face, knocking him onto the ground. Leon rolls over to the 2 handguns and grabs one of them, while Nathan grabs the other, resulting in both of them getting up and aiming their guns at one another.)

Nathan: I see we’re at a standstill. (Chuckles.)

Leon: That’s what you think.

(Leon performs a backflip, kicking Nathan’s gun into the air. Nathan quickly runs over to a pickup truck and grabs an AK 47. Leon dives away, avoiding gunfire. Nathan continues to fire his assault rifle, then aims it down as he tries to get a clear shot while Leon hides behind the cargo container.)

Nathan: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

(Leon takes a grenade off his belt and throws it towards Nathan, who quickly dives away.)

Nathan: Fuck it.

(Nathna enters the pick up truck, and starts the engine. He drives the truck and dirves it towards Leon, who attempts to shoot Nathan through the windshield, but misses as Nathan leans his head down. Leon jumps up, causing ihm to get hit by the windshield. Leon rolls over the truck, but he grabs onto the roof before he rolls off the entire vehicle. Nathan drives through the forest with Leon on the roof of the car.)

Nathan: Dammit, get the hell off!

(Nathan swerves the truck around in an attempt to swing Leon off, but to no avail. Leon then leans to the side and shoots the front left tire of the truck, causing it to pop and swerve. This results in the truck driving down a hill. Nathan manages to evade any oncoming trees as the drive down an incredibly long hillside full of trees and bushes. Leon ends up losing his grip, causing him to fly back, hitting his back against the back of the truck. Leon slides forward into the front of the truck, with Leon latching himself onto the front part, allowing him to shoot his handgun at the back of the glass, allowing him to reach inside and grab Nathan’s throat.)

Nathan: Agh!!

(Nathan struggles to breathe, and while he attempts to free himself from Leon’s grasp, the truck crashes into a large boulder, resulting in Nathan and Leon flying out of the turck, crashing through the windshield, and flying off the edge of a cliff. Nathan grabs a jagged edge of the cliff, preventing him from falling to his death, only for Leon to grab Nathan’s leg.)

Nathan: Let go of me!

Leon: Make me!

(Nathan kicks Leon in the face, multiple times, but this fails to make Leon let go. Leon crawls up Nathan’s body, then slams a Combat knife into his back. Nathan yells in pain, then elbows Leon’s ribcage. Leon still maintains his grasp onto Nathan.)

Nathan: Fuck it.

(Nathan let's go of the cliff, causing them to fall down. They land on a ledge sticking out of the cliff, with Leon breaking Nathan’s fall. Nathan gets up and stumbles around, while Leon relocates his dislocated shoulder, resulting in him yelling in pain and agony. Nathan looks over at Leon and grabs a gun that was dropped. Leon looks over and sees Nathan aiming the handgun at him. Leon precisely throws his combat knife into Nathan’s thigh, resulting in him missing his shot. Leon quickly runs and punches Nathan multiple times. Nathan falls to the ground, but quickly grabs a big rock and bashes it into Leon’s head, knocking him back. Leon holds his head in pain while Nathan attempts to hit him again. Leon succeeds in avoiding Nathan’s strikes, allowing Leon to retaliates and knee Nathan in the gut, then flip Nathan over onto his back. Nathan succeeds in hitting Leon one more time in the head with the rock, knocking Leon onto the ground. Nathan gets up, throws the rock at Leon, hitting him in the head once more, knocking him onto the ground. Leon begins to bleed out of his head while Nathan walks over to him, intending to finish the job.)

Nathan: I really need to retire.

(Nathan grabs the rock and is about to kill Leon, only for Leon to roll over and punch Nathan in the face. Nathan falls over and leon gets up, allowing him to run, kick Nathan in the gut, then perform a backflip, kicking Nathan in the face. This stuns Nathan, allowing Leon to run, and while NAthan gets up, Leon grabs Nathan by the neck and slams him back down into the ground face first. Leon then rolls Nathan over and punches him over and over again. Leon then grabs the rock and smashes it into Nathan’s face with enough force to kill him.)

Winner = Leon S. Kennedy

Reason: Well, Nathan Drake has a few advantages over Leon. He is incredibly more skilled when it comes to utilizing his surroundings to his advantage in order to escape inescapable situations. This allows him to do what he does best. He is an expert climber and explorer, going into unknown terrain with no problem at all. Nathan also has luck on his side like all the time. Whenever put into extremely dangerous situations, Nathan somehow manages to survive and pull through it. But that’s where his advantages stop. Leon Kennedy has way more skill in his tool belt of abilities. He is a better hand to hand combatant, a better marksman, more skill when it comes to using bladed weaponry, and has dealt with way more dangerous foes than Nathan. Nathan may have dealt with extremely dangerous people before, Leon deals with mutated zombified humans regularly. Nathan’s luck and adaptive mastery will only get him so far against Leon. Leon Kennedy is the winner.


The Predator's greatest prey
The Predator's greatest prey



Thank you guys for reading this. I hope you enjoyed this, and if you did, feel free to share it with your friends. I love doing these and I hope you love reading them. I have plenty of more battles to do, but if you have any recommendations, feel free to comment them down below. Thank you.


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