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If you ask I've probably read it, seen it or heard it. I'm just like every other adult on this planet still waiting for their hogwarts lette
Sydney Elizabeth Robertson

So this is what I've gathered so far:

1. Emma is going to be struggling with her own inner demons as she tries to come to terms with being the new 'Dark One'

2. Princess Merida from the disney movie 'Brave' will be making her own appearance on the show.

3. King Arthur along with some of his buddies (Merlin and his lady) from camelot will be a big part of this season story line.


While I'm super excited to see how the producers are going to make Emma develop as character is anyone else worried that maybe her heart is going to be damaged Permanently?

Jen was also quick to answer her feelings on Emma's new transformation stating that she actually had a lot of fun playing this new side of Emma and that she hopes that things like this will happen again in the future.

Jen Morrison as Emma Swan a.k.a Dark Swan
Jen Morrison as Emma Swan a.k.a Dark Swan

Then can we just talk about another badass Princess coming to the show?! I'm honestly super intrigued with how they are going to have the fiery red-head's story play out. This ladies and gentlemen is why I love OUAT they work hard to cut out the disney princess stereotypes to create a more relatable and believable person under the crown and silk.

Amy Mason as Merida in Season 5 sneak peek
Amy Mason as Merida in Season 5 sneak peek

And last but not least the King himself King Arthur, while I don't remember much about the young king if he is anything like Merlin in the show I think this will be a very interesting season! I'm actually excited to dive into the past and venture further into other fairy tales besides iconic Disney fairy tales. I also love how OUAT uses a more darker twist on some of their characters backstories I think it brings a bit more "realness" to the name of Disney who was founded on Fairy Dust and True love's first kiss.

Liam Garrigin to play 'King Arthur' in OUAT
Liam Garrigin to play 'King Arthur' in OUAT

Overall I'm super excited to see the darker side of storybrook come to life and where this has changed the residents within the small town!

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