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Joshua Geiger

Look, for all of you people that despise Batman and Robin I whole heartedly agree. It's a flat out terrible movie. The dialogue is terrible, the plot is even worse. (One villain that wants to cover the planet with dangerous man-eating plants teaming up with a villain that wants to cover it with ice which would make it completely uninhabitable for the aforementioned killer plants didn't make a lick of sense to me when I was eight and still doesn't now.) the casting was even more disastrous. I mean they literally had an Allstar team cast. (At the time anyway and not a single one of them fit their roles.

That being said. For me, the movie falls into the same category as The Room. It's so hilariously bad that it's good. Think about it the entire movie is a goldmine bursting at the seams with cheesy, yet delicious and all too quoteable one liners. I promise you if you watch the movie and don't take it seriously and watch it with full intention to point out all of its flaws and laugh your ass off every time Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks you will have a great time. For weeks you'll have great inside jokes with your friends you force to watch it with you. Months full of "always remember to cool your pipes." And "what killed the dinosaurs? The iiiiccceeee aaaaaggggeee!!!"

And the best part is Arnold isn't the only one with lines like this. The entire movie is a cavalcade of rapid fire garbage and every single charecter is guilty of them. Even Alfred's got one or two. You can even turn the movie into a drinking game and you will definitely have alcohol poisoning by the end but God Damn it will be the best time you will ever have sending yourself to the hospital at 1 AM.

All in all hopefully mystery science theater will make their own commentary for the movie but until then making your own commentary for this "golden garbage" will have to do. In my opinion making your own is more fun anyway.


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