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A new trailer is out for Batman V Super man, and I am stoked! (Am i the only one who says that anymore?) Anyway, let's begin!

Wayne is Angry

We finally figure out why Batman will fight Superman. When Zod and Kal-El had their tussle they seemed to have destroyed a WAYNE building. Batman could either believe Superman is uncontrollable/reckless or has a secret vendetta against Earth, most likely the first.

Superman's Worshipers

We can see what seems like an army of Superman worshippers holding down Batman near the end. It's nice to see that they figure into the plot more than previously thought. But it seems it will just be for a few minutes while Batman beats them up to get to Superman.

Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman

We finally get to see the Amazon's finest warrior in action! Although there still is little known about how she will factor into the story. (Fingers crossed no Supes/Bats/Diana love triangle!)

We also get to see Lex Luthor with his flowing, long hair, yes, he had it in the comics for a couple years. He also had some kryptonite, possibly preparing to finish Superman off after the main event. Ive also heard a theory that they will be going with a more Red-Kryptonite effect, and that Lex is using the Kryptonite to make superman fight Batman.

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