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I remember one day while I was staying at my friend Jesus's house we were playing hide and seek in the dark, well I got under a sheet and hid under it in the kitchen. It wasn't a very great hiding spot as he spotted my right away so I waited for him to find the rest of the kids in the house and when it was my turn I automatically went into the kitchen to see if someone tried to copy my hiding spot. As I walked in their kitchen I saw someone hiding under the sheet I picked it up and saw a little girl under it. This frightened me because it was not anybody I knew in the house she was wearing a white night gown and had blonde hair I told her I found her and she had to help me find the rest of the kids she then ran down the hall and disappeared. I was speechless, I remember my friend telling me his house was haunted but I never believed him I didn't think much of it and I continued to play the game. When we were all getting ready to go to bed I called dibs on the only extra bed they had and that night I was trying to sleep and I remember they had a bible on one of the dressers. It got knocked of the dresser and then the cross they had hanging above the bed fell on me. I was terrified I was like seven at the time so I pulled up my covers and tried to hide under them when I felt the end of my blanket start to get pulled on. They came flying off the bed and I saw that little girl at the end of it I ran out of that room as fast as I could. Two weeks later we moved in the house with my friend I have much more encounters to write about.


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