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Jurassic World is going to be the biggest film of the summer, and will compete with Star Wars for the biggest film of the year. Jurassic Park fans like myself have waited with bated breath for this film as it has been teased for the past five years (at least) and with that anticipation comes a huge responsibility to not disappoint. The original film holds a special place in many hearts as a childhood film, as do many Spielberg films, and even though he is still making films, Jurassic Park feels like his last true classic. It was really important for Jurassic World to avoid dwelling too much on the nostalgic factor. The truth about the Jurassic Park films is that the story does not need to follow certain people to keep fans interested, the concept itself is the headline and can be utilized with different characters. Director Colin Trevorrow made a great decision to not feature the old cast, and while there are multiple nods to the original, he does a wonderful job of creating a new atmosphere.

The old cast of the original Star Wars will feature in the new film, and Harrison Ford was still playing Indiana Jones in 2008. Jurassic World could have so easily fallen victim to this trend, but thankfully it did not. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard perform their leading roles excellently. Chris Pratt reminds me of a modern day Harrison Ford. He has a certain presence that brings a sense of importance to his role in the film. Another actor in this role probably would have made the entire film feel flat. Vincent D'Onofrio plays the bad guy really well, similar to his character in Daredevil. The only issue I have in terms of characters are the two kids. The story follows them and that allows the film to show off its attractions, but it was hard to care about them because I didn't have a reason to. The kids in Jurassic Park were much more integrated into the story and warranted empathy, but in this film I just wanted to see what happened with Claire and Owen.

Product placement distracted the first hour of the film. I can recall eight brands I saw throughout. Trevorrow has insisted that the use of product placement is a satirical depiction of the corporate exploitation of popular entertainment, but that sounds like a poor excuse. If he really wanted to make such commentary, overexposing fake brands would have been much more effective. They should have focused on selling me Jurassic World, not Starbucks and Coca Cola.

The plot of the film made sense aside from a few holes. It certainly didn't feel like it was written just for the sake of churning out another franchise film, and the different stories intertwined really well to create an exemplary climax. My main issue in terms of the plot (possible spoilers) is why the Velociraptors attacked Owen at the start but then didn't attack him later when they had the chance. The circumstances didn't change. Such issues didn't affect my overall enjoyment of the film though.

On a final note, this film isn't as quotable as the original film, and the imagery isn't quite as memorable but it comes pretty close. A lot of care was put into the production of Jurassic World and it certainly pays off. It is definitely worth watching whether you like the original or not, because it is a lot of fun. It is head and shoulders above the other two sequels and has set the standard for sequels to classic films. Star Wars, do your worst.


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