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Hey guys! Yesterday was a pretty big day for us Suicide Squad fans if we went to Comic-Con or not because the Suicide Squad trailer that was premiered at Comic Con WAS LEAKED ONLINE!!!

You can watch the full trailer above & once you're done you can stick around because I wanted to discuss one thing about this trailer and that is The Joker. So before I even talk about it watch till the end because the end of the trailer is what I really want to talk about so go ahead, check out the trailer!!!!

UPDATE: The trailer was removed stupidly by Warner Bros, because they just expect everybody to go to Comic Con & see it so sorry.... Warner Bros. ruined our lives once again.


Ok so now your done watching the Suicide Squad Comic Con trailer, I wanted to discuss some things about Jared Leto's Joker. Who was the Joker talking to in the trailer?

So myself watched the trailer & I was wondering who The Joker was talking to when he said "I'm gonna hurt you really, really bad." So I checked out the comment section to see if anybody had any thoughts on who Joker could've been talking to in the trailer & there was one who assumed Joker was talking to none other than JASON TODD! Which leads me to the whole rumor about Jason Todd in both Batman vs Superman & of course Suicide Squad.

So a little reminder if you don't know who Jason Todd is & you're a first time reader of mine & I'll do a little explaining to you. Jason Todd was the second Robin after Dick Grayson & well Jason had some anger issues & was violent & thought that he could take on The Joker but he ended up dead. But the reasoning of his death was voted by fans via phone poll. But then years later he returned as Red Hood. So that's a little bit of who Jason Todd is. But anyways back to the opinion role. So there could be many reasons why Joker could be talking to Jason Todd in the trailer & yeah that's what were going to do today!

Joker Could've Probably Killed Him In A Different Way.

Now I'm sure abunch of comic book fans are familiar on how Joker really killed Jason Todd.If you don't know how Joker killed Jason Todd well first Joker beat the shit out of him with a crowbar then eventually leaving him to die but before Batman could even save Jason,the warehouse explodes,possibly being the one reason how Jason was killed.But like some comic book related movies,they sorta change some stuff that didn't originally happen.So this could probably an example on the whole "changing stuff up a bit".The Joker could've killed Jason by literally bringing shock throughout Jason's entire body cause if you don't notice in the trailer,Joker has electrodes in his hands which is something I think you use on someone when they're dead & it tries to well,bring them back to life.But anyways,it's kinda like getting struck by lightning,sometimes it can kill you,but I guess if this is how Jason will be killed in the DC Cinematic Universe,oh well,atleast he still get's killed by The Joker.

Harley Could've Still Been Involved In Jason Todd's Death.

If you remember,months ago,pictures & set photos of Batman chasing both The Joker & Harley Quinn & some fans have speculated on why Batman was chasing The Joker & Harley Quinn in the first place.It's very simple:Jason Todd's Death being the reasoning.Now I remember atleast a month ago I made an article concerning about Harley some how being involved in the death of Jason Todd.Now this is what brings us back to the "change things up a bit"part.Harley wasn't present/involved in Todd's death in The Death In The Family comic back in 1988.But she could be involved in the movie.She probably didn't participate in killing Todd but maybe before her & The Joker even became a duo,she could've probably helped The Joker lure in Jason Todd which will bring us to the next possibility in a moment.She could've been waiting for Joker to end Todd's life in his very cool car in her full Harley Quinn persona.Then once Joker is done with Todd,him & Harley speed off which will lead to Batman chasing them & also getting on the top of Joker's car.So we'll say she was involved but not in directly.

The Joker & Harley Quinn Arugement over the death of Todd.

If you remember back in May,set photos & pics of The Joker & Harleen Quinzel were leaked online where the two have a fallout & Harleen eventually has a gun to Joker's forehead,threatning to shoot him but he get's the gun out of her hand & backhands her.Then in the end she eventually get's into his car & goes off with him.So my theory is this whole thing happened before Joker kills Jason & maybe when Harley takes off with The Joker,he somehow get's her her outfit,they lure in Jason,Joker kills him,Harley & Joker speed off & Batman chases them.Very simple.

So these are just some of the stuff I think is possible & how Joker could be talking to Jason in the trailer.So have a nice day!


Do you think Joker was talking to Jason in the trailer?


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