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Good news, Bat (and Supes) Fans!

Warner Bros.' San Diego Comic-Con panel didn't just reveal a whole lot of awesomeness regarding the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe - it also gave us our first full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice itself.

Which you can watch for yourself right here...

And from the looks of it, what we're set to see in 2016 is going to be a giant pile of epic, superheroic bad-assery.

Y'see, it seems we're about to get a whole load of:


Specifically, Lex Luthor's - who throughout seems awfully preoccupied with his new-found...


Which, it seems, he may have acquired via a certain Man of Steel villain...

That, though, is hardly all we're set to see, with more than one glimpse of:

Even More Superman-Foes!

Including Holly Hunter's finally-revealed senator...

Which...isn't altogether that surprising, when you think about it. I mean, he did kind of blow up a city...

Speaking of which:

Blowing Up a City!

With, it seems, Bruce Wayne right in the middle of it all...

Plus, of course:

Wonder Woman!

Who, it seems, is going to be just as awesome as we've been assuming - and feature substantially in the film...


A Certain Boy Wonder

Or, at least, a hint of him - suggesting that not only is The Joker around, but that he's 'gotten' to Robin in the past...fatally.

There's also, of course:

The Obligatory Wayne Parents Death Scene

Because Sad Batman, remember?

And, of course:

Superman Ripping the Roof Off the Freaking Batmobile

BECAUSEOHMYGODOFCOURSEHEDOESANDWASAWESOME. I'm going to go ahead and re-watch that couple of hundred times...

What do you reckon, though?
What part of the trailer are you most excited about?


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