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San Diego Comic Con 2015 is still currently running, with all the big events for fans of live-action DC and Marvel having already finished up. So, for your convenience, I've covered all the major points from either side, even though Marvel studios themselves didn't make an appearance.

So let's do this:


On the DC TV front, a highlight trailer of the previous season of Arrow was released:

Then, the new Green Arrow costume was revealed:

A fan leaked a poster for Season 4 of Arrow, featured below:

Featuring the Green Arrow, Felicity, Black Canary, Diggle, Speedy (Thea), Quentin and Malcolm Merlyn, this poster is set against a background of a bright blue sky, leaning towards a more light-hearted tone.

Arrow Season 4 has been stated by executive producer Wendi Mericle as being set “five months” after the end of Season 3. Oliver and Felicity are in “domestic bliss”, while executive producer Marc Guggenheim has mentioned that “there’s been a lot of sex”. On conflict in the relationship, Mericle went on to explain that the show would delve into what it means to means to be a couple fighting crime and whether Oliver should become the Arrow again, while hinting at super heroic “ambitions” for Felicity.

Two new characters were confirmed with the news that the hero Mr Terrific and the villain Anarky would be coming to Arrow Season 4. In terms of Mr Terrific, he will work alongside Felicity and according to Marc Guggenheim, this version of the character “happens to be gay”. I can’t see Mr Terrific spinning off, so he’ll probably have a lot more screentime, given his probably limited appearance.

Not related to Comic Con, Neal McDonough (Dum Dum Dugan from the MCU) was announced to be playing the new Big Bad on Arrow, Damien Dahrk. His character has been described as “a mysterious and sophisticated villain, and an adversary of the late Ra’s al Ghul. Now the leader of his own clandestine group, this cunning foe will prove to be one of the Arrow’s greatest challenges.”

Stephen Amell came on stage with his new costume and when talking about the city, he referred to it as Star City, confirming a city name change that was hinted at last season. He also officially referred to himself as the Green Arrow.

He also confirmed that his character will be more “silly” like in the comics.

Diggle’s new costume was shown as well:

Will Diggle become the Guardian?

I’m not quite sure if this was released at Comic-Con, but new concept art has been released for Legends of Tomorrow

alongside a new trailer for the evolution of the CW superheroes:

The “legends” have been described by showrunner Phil Klemmer as “screwups” and that “instead of tiptoeing through history, they’re plodding through it, leaving their footprints and fingerprints and constantly having to wonder whether they’re going to screw the future rather than fix it” going on to call their journey “total madness”. The original trailer, to those rare individuals who haven't seen it, can be found here:

Following up on that, at Comic Con, it was announced that Hawkman would have a role in the series.

While not exactly a DC property and belonging in the Vertigo realm (putting it alongside breakout show iZombie), Lucifer screened at Comic Con as well. If you missed it a few months ago, the trailer is here:

Also in Vertigo territory, iZombie Season 2 was revealed to have most of the characters hating Liv. Alongside this, a Season 1 sizzle reel was released:

In terms of The Flash, there was a new trailer which did a recap of the characters and story arcs of Season 1, reminding fans of all the strings that were left dangling:

At about 4 minutes and 14 seconds into the trailer, we see our first glimpse of Season 2, which promises that “Zoom is coming”. Obviously at this point, it looks like they’ve just edited the old Barry clips with a blue tinge, but the voiceovers are where the real gems lie. We hear Jay Garrick (the original Flash, or in this case, probably the Flash of Earth 2) warning Flash that his world is in danger. We hear that Caitlin is leaving STAR Labs. We hear that Barry might’ve made a mistake not saving his mother. We hear some new Tom Cavanaugh lines. Could Tom Cavanaugh also be playing Hunter Zolomon from Earth 2? Also, Tom Cavanaugh mentions that him and Flash were “never enemies” and that he’s not the thing that Barry hates. We hear Cisco sounding like he’s discovering his Vibe powers. We also hear an unknown voice who knows that Barry Allen is the Flash.

Zoom is going to be the Big Bad of the season, debunking rumours that Gorilla Grodd would fill that role. Wally West has also been confirmed for Season 2.

Teddy Sears has officially been cast as Jay Garrick alongside Barry’s new love interest Patty Spivot who will be played by Shantel Van Santen

The first trailer for Vixen also aired, which looks to be an interesting addition to the CW universe:

Cameron Monaghan made a guest appearance as Jerome in the crowds of the Gotham panel. Bruno Heller promised “the rise of the villains”, while future plot points were hinted at, including Bruce training and new good guys being introduced. Bruce Wayne will be interacting with criminals and working with Jim Gordon in the upcoming season, furthering previous information that the season would focus on his detective side. A Gotham look back and Season 2 teaser was released featuring Tigress and cannibal Robert Greenwood

On the Supergirl front, three new additions were made to the show: Reactron, Maxwell Lord (played by Peter Facinelli) and Livewire

DC film

DC released a full trailer for their crowning glory, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice:

This trailer was a lot better than the previously released one and didn’t seem to be TOO bleak. Lex Luthor looks like he’ll be a great addition to the film, lightening the overall tone of the film. The story looks to be something new, as we see Batman have an actual HATRED towards Superman, or so it seems. Hopefully it doesn’t paint Batman as TOO MUCH of a bad guy. With shots of Wonder Woman in action, this film looks like it’s going to be interesting. Also, did any Doctor Who fans watch this trailer and think that starting music sounded like that song Abigail sings at the end of ‘A Christmas Carol’? Anybody?

On that note, there was also apparently images of the Barry Allen that will appear in the film, but having looked at one, it was way too blurry and there was nothing to take away from it other than that he’s a medical examiner

It was also announced that the Green Lantern film would be called Green Lantern Corps and it will allegedly have Chris Pine as Hal Jordan.

It was also officially announced that Ben Affleck will direct and co-write a new Batman film alongside Geoff Johns, which seems like a good combination.

The panel debuted some logos and character concept art for Flash, Wonder Woman and Cyborg.

Alongside all this, a trailer for Suicide Squad was shown:

Also, a new logo was released:

In terms of animated films, Justice League: Gods and Monsters premiered, while Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: Bad Blood and Justice League vs Titans were announced as future animated films. Killing Joke will be an adaptation of the DC comics story of the same name and the other two are original films. Bad Blood will include the introduction of Batwoman, while Justice League vs Titans will introduce the Teen Titans. With the news of Bad Blood and of Mr Terrific’s character in Arrow, the animated and television universe are ahead in terms of LGBT hero representation in relation to the films and the entirety of Marvel’s live action side.

Marvel TV

The Marvel Television Presents panel revealed some intriguing details on their television programs. In terms of Agent Carter, it was revealed that the second season will feature Jarvis’ wife and will be set in 1947, six months after the first season ended and the ramifications have changed which people talk to which. The synopsis goes like this: Dedicated to the fight against new atomic age threats in the wake of World War II, Peggy must now journey from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous assignment yet. But even as she discovers new friends, a new home — and perhaps even a new love — she’s about to find out that the bright lights of the post-war Hollywood mask a more sinister threat to everyone she is sworn to protect.

Meanwhile, on the Agents of SHIELD side of things, it was announced that a new Inhuman by the name of Lash would be arriving on the show. In addition, the Secret Warriors was announced to becoming an actuality led by Coulson and Daisy/Skye

Marvel film

While not actually at Comic Con, Marvel released a new TV Spot for Ant-Man, featuring an Avenger:

While Marvel Studios didn’t appear at Comic Con, Fox did. They released a Deadpool trailer which mocked Green Lantern and Rob Liefeld and overall had a very lighthearted and fun vibe to it, featuring Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, alongside many others:

We also got our first real look at Apocalypse thanks to posters

And a trailer was released which showed the new team, Apocalypse and bald Xavier in a wheelchair:

Hugh Jackman also said his goodbyes, confirming that Wolverine 3 would be his last film as Wolverine, while also basically confirming that the storyline would be Old Man Logan and that Jim Mangold will be directing. That clip can be found here:

He finished off his speech with this image... himself a funny and poignant in-character send-off.

While it was announced that for Fantastic Four, Mole Man isn’t going to be “a straight-up bad guy”, he makes the lives of the Fantastic Four “difficult”. A new trailer was released that features the group fighting Doctor Doom which should be online soon, given the timeframe between now and when the film will be released. It's actually online right now:

New Fox logos were shown:

Then, a bunch of them took a selfie:

Marvel Comics also did a panel where they revealed that the diversity they’ve added currently is “only the beginning” and that there will be more diverse characters in the future. I just wanted to include that even though it isn’t film news.

All in all, this year's Comic Con was an absolute success and I can't wait to see the content that never made it online whenever it eventually does. It's good to be a nerd.


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