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After having a great experience watching Oculus I went out and bought a bunch of horror films, one of the ones I picked up was The Others which is a film I'd never seen but had heard a lot about (I unfortunately knew the twist ending). The Others is a horror film which centers on a family living in a house post-WWII, the family finds that their servants have disappeared so when new ones arrive they discover that they live life a bit strangely as the children are allergic to daylight; when the new servants start to settle the daughter complains of seeing intruders in the house which starts a web of intrigue that ends with dark secrets being revealed. The Others stars Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, James Bentley, Alakina Mann, Eric Sykes, Christopher Eccleston and Elaine Cassidy.

There are quite a few positives to this film, which include: great story, brilliant acting, tons of intrigue and a few creepy moments. To expand, when I found out the twist at the end of the film I found it really cool but didn't know the context of it and I could see how it could be poorly handled; thankfully the twist makes perfect sense in the movie and is a natural progression in the plot. All of the story leading up to that point is also really good as it sets up initial questions and then creates more, for example the intentions of characters, and finally answers them all in a way that makes perfect sense. I found there to be a lot of intrigue in certain plot points but the main bulk of the intrigue is built on not knowing the ending so that did ruin my experience a little. The acting in this film is great all of the stars gave excellent performances and made their character feel more real, I especially liked Fionnula Flanagan's character and her performance. There are some really creepy moments in this film which put me on the edge of my seat, these moments in the film are very memorable and have weight behind them instead of just a jump-scare.

There are also a few negatives to this film, which are that the pacing is inconsistent and there is a lack of actual horror. To expand I felt that the pacing in this film was all over the place, the film starts and finishes really strong but slows down half way through; it didn't slow down enough to bore me but it was very noticeable. My other negative is that there wasn't anything in the film that was particularly scary; there are a few really creepy scenes but that's it, the rest of the film is interesting but not scary which is a bit of a failure in a horror film.

Overall I really enjoyed The Others because of its intriguing and interesting plot but it lacks in actual scares, so taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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