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Lengends of Tomorrow will be an amazing series that combines two of our already loved series in. But, will the Flash and Arrow keep on. OF COURSE they will. Isn't it great? Not only we will have a new super hero series but our beloved series will keep going.

Arrow will show first episode at October 7, 2015. There are also infos that we will be a crossover episode in November with Flash.

We have also confirmed that:

Felicity Smoak will return in some capacity.

The season's main antagonist will be Damien Darhk, introduced in the third season finale.

The season will follow a lighter tone to that of season 3.

Stephen Amell claims that he will not wear the Arrow suit again.

Flash first episode broadcast will be at October 6, 2015.

We have information that:

The fate of Joe West's wife, and Iris West's mother, will be revealed.

Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy will appear.

Danielle Panabaker confirmed we will see Killer Frost sooner than we think.

More speedsters and villains will be introduced.

Rick Cosnett will not be part of this season's main cast.

The show will explore the multiverse in this season.

This season will have a new main villain that will be introduced within the first few episodes.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says that Cisco and Caitlin will be meta-humans, at least in some capacity.

Thats all for now, lot of thanks to wiki for infos


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