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Brady Adam Keil

Yes Aquaman is King of the ocean But come on. Batman is D.C's the Tony Stark of that dimension. If he can build a suit that allows him to compete if not defeat Superman (only if he uses Kryptonite tho) Then there's Superman, where to start. He could instantly freeze the whole army with his breathe, boil the water with his eyes. Sure Aquaman controls the ocean meaning he can throw huge tidal waves at him but Superman can hold up the planet, you don't think he couldn't slap his hands or something, throwing the water right back at them.

Only chance Aquaman wins is if he in possession of the Krypto. (Its said alot ended in lakes, rivers and oceans in the old C.W Smallville show.) Besides, The dryer & longer he's out of water the weaker Aquaman gets. (Even as weak as a sickly human) All they gotta do is get him out of the water and or keep him out if he attacks and its over in seconds.

Lastly, Eisenberg as Lex is just plain bad....

In the newest.trailer they show him twice once with long hair, oddly rubbing Superman's face. (Coud be a wig like in the one with Spacey as Lex) but I bet he does something to say Superman is radioactive or something and makes ppl sick and if Bruce believed that I can see how he's so livid! Lex turns farts into hurricanes! Wow guess I was bored.

Last thing, more personal of a question.... wouldn't a race of underwater humanoids be super weak, especially on land. They all live in super-low gravity. How could they jump or even swing a sword which I imagine is heavy as check seeing as they use it underwater. Also the have no metal weapons or tech. You can't have a fire underwater lol. Magic must be all they got in my opinion. psn: WILSHIRE25


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