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Allen the alien.

As the comic book movie world is treating us to a number of movies. However, they are being made primarily by Marvel and DC. So what of the other comic distributers? Many have very impressive titles. Titles that would probably have been made into movies if there were part of the big two.

So here are my list of comic book stories that should seriously be made into film.

1. The Other Dead

Distributer: IDW Publishing

Sypnosis: In a world that is running as normal. Suddenly animals start to rise up from the grave. They soon start to cause mayhem. Barrack Obama starts to get involved with proceedings.

This is a fun but graphic title. It has everything you need to make a great movie. It has Zombie animals, terrific one liners and Obama! If they can make a movie about killer sheep then surely it can be done.

2. Ferals

Distributer: Avatar Press

Sypnosis: This follows a lawman Dale Chestnut who is the officer of a small town called Cypress. Soon body's are being found. Their bodies torn up and shredded to pieces. It becomes clear that something is sinister in the town of Cypress.

Ferals is another gory story. If anyone loves the Werewolf arc then this is for you. I personally love the story because it's not just about Werewolves. The story does have a few twists to keep it fresh.

3. Copperhead

Distributer: Image Comics

Sypnosis: The story focuses on a single mother named Clara Bronson. She is the new sheriff in a small town called Copperhead. However, there is no explanation as to why Clara moved to Copperhead so quickly. With all the secrets that Clara is hiding. So is the town of Copperhead.

This is one of my favourite comics from Image. I like the world of Copperhead. It actually reminds me of the world of Bravestarr. It's scifi western feel adds to the appeal. The characters are well drawn and developed. This is a great read.

4. Uber

Distributer: Avatar Press

Sypnosis: In another perspective of WW2 Adolf Hitler and the Nazis create superhuman soldiers known as Ubers. They are charged with eradicating the allies. However during the story the Ubers question their existence of just becoming human weapons.

If there is a dark story Uber is it. Although this might be a pro Nazi comic. It actually is anti Nazi. They are still portrayed as barbaric and unsympathetic. The Ubers start off as hatefilled soldiers. It is only when the course of the war do they begin to change. Would this work in a movie? I think so. If you can make a satire about the Nazis in Iron Sky then you could with this.

5. Sledgehammer 44

Distributer: Dark Horse

Sypnosis: Set in 1944 World War 2. A strange robotic suited man drops out of the Sky and begins fighting for the allies in France.

Sledgehammer 44 was a great story. It might be unfairly compared to Captain America. But it stands on its own without being cliché. The story is set in WW2 and the writers have respected the gruesome unapologetic surroundings. A must read...hopefully a must see.

6. Red Team

Distributer: Dynamite

Sypnosis: The Red Team are a special elite team of NYPDs finest. They are frankly sick and tired of mobsters getting away with murder,fraud,racketeering etc. So they decide to put the law into their hands.

Red Team is a story where you will root for them. This does hold a simaler story to what Ennis done with the Punisher. However. this is original in a sense that the team are not Frank Castle. Their motives are different to his. Red Team would certainly be well received on the big screen.

7. Invincible

Distributer: Image comics

Sypnosis: Mark Grayson is a normal kid. He goes to school. He has friends, he has a on-off girlfriend. But Grayson is also a known superhero Invincible. Invincible who can fly, is strong and quick.

Invincible has been Image comics top three main titles. Invincible has gone from strength to strength. His world has been ever increasing from Earth hero's (Guardians of the Globe) to being in space and fighting in the Vultrimite War. So much depth in Grayson that I'm surprised a movie has not even been muted.

Invincible fighting Vultrimites in the Vultrimite War.
Invincible with his primarily Earth hero's.
Invincible with the Alliance in space. This team were the forefront of going up against the Vultrimites.

8. The Astounding Wolf-Man

Distributer: Image comics

Sypnosis: Gary Hampton a CEO is mauled by a animal. At first Gary and his wife thought it was a bear. It turns out it was a wolf. Soon Gary starts to change. He is slowly becoming a werewolf.

Astounding Wolfman is a fun read. I myself, am a great fan of werewolves. So this is refreshing to have a man be a superhero werewolf.

9. Skyman

Distributer: Dark Horse

Sypnosis: After accidently killing innocent people by being intoxicated. The Skyman initiative decides to find a new candidate. Enter Eric Reid. A Air Force Captain who is frustrated at being held back.

Skyman is a solid title. This is a spinoff of Captain Midnight. Skyman has the foundations of being a excellent hero. Skyman does dwelve into the realism of racism issues. With Reid being the target of it. His character is a strong one. His journey offers so many obstacles that it's very hard to put down.

Skyman in action.

10. Spawn

Distributer: Image Comics

Sypnosis: Al Simmons is a former army man. Now a trained assassin. After being betrayed and left for dead. He makes a deal with the devil and becomes Spawn.

Now before anyone says anything. I am well aware of the original Spawn movie. However, as a huge Spawn fan that movie was insulting to the character!!!

Spawn without a shadow of a doubt needs to have a proper movie. Spawn is by far one of the most popular anti-heros there is. I know that a movie is in development hell. But really? With a strong fanbase and amazing characters I hope that a movie comes soon.


Please note. Allen the alien is part of Invincible. If a movie of Invincible is made he would surely pop up.

Have I missed out on any other titles?


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