ByIsabella Bellini, writer at

There once was a teenage girl. She was home alone a lot and was alone for most of the day.

Sometimes she would hear unusual sounds, but she would never get shaken by it.

One day she got bored of being inside, so she went on long walk. As she walked along, she felt like someone or something was watching her. She wasn't very frightened but she decided to go back to the house.

She was tired from the walk and she went to sleep. When she woke up, she started to hear a dull thud coming from the basement.


She decided to go in the basement to see what was wrong. I guess man smiling psychoticly standing with his legs apart and head tilted was making the thud noise.

The man said,"You should have seen it coming, you see. I follow you everywhere and I want to be your friend but you never notice me. Tsk tsk. Now you're dead"

The girl was so terrified and so scared that she began to beg for mercy. The bloodstained floor and the maniac laugh had proven that there was no mercy. But after all you should have seen it coming.


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