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Season 5:


  • Is he good or evil? He's evil. We know that now. Everybody, almost everybody will hate him till the last episodes/Last episode. Jeff said that. Does he have a connection with the Dread Doctors? We don't know yet. He might end well, of course Jeff didn't say he will be in Season 6, because then he fucks up the season himself. But he didn't so, I love you Jeff. Theo/Cody Christian might be in Season 6. Like I hope. He's a Werewolf and full wolf. Is he a Hale? We don't know yet. But no, we don't think so. Because, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) isn't in 5A and that wouldn't have connections. If he's a part of the Dread Doctors, that means, Scott, Stiles and the rest of the pack can save him.

Jordan Parrish?

  • What the *Beep* is Deputy Jordan Parrish? A Phoenix? He looks like one, in the latest Trailer we saw him with fire around him. Maybe saving someone. Or at least helping. Because we know he ain't bad, he saved Scott in S05E01. Okay saved not, but he didn't say his name or better said, he protected him. He is a good influence on Lydia. He would be interesting if he joins the Pack.


  • We will see her in Eichen house. We will see how she controls her power and learns how to fight.


  • Scott will feel like he can't protect his pack, like someone else might be a better Alpha. He looses Confidence. We will see him rise again, but from S05E05 till S05E20 we will see some bad blood and stuff, fails and other stuff about Scott.


  • We know he doesn't trust Theo, but he will break up with Scott for a while. Stiles will always be protected for his pack and try to save them. Learn from his mistakes and be Stiles.


  • He will still figure out his powers and learn. Scott will be like a father/Big brother figure to him. He is loyal, and he might show that. If he picks a side, he will pick Scott's side, even he loves Stiles.

Season 6:

It has been confirmed, we will have a Season 6. Also not the whole Season 5 is a flashback, but it will go on till like the last 5,4,3 episodes. So in Season 6, new villains might come around. Season 7 might happen too. "So long the Viewers stay watching, the show might go on". I hope they chance the name to "Wolf" or "Wolf Pack", like they can go on like Supernatural. Teen "Wolf" season 10, wouldn't that be awesome? Back to Season 6. New character will rise, new love, darker and comebacks will happen.

Will Sciles break up forever? Is the comedy gone this season? Hell no! Sciles will rise again, they're brothers, best friends and they have more love for each other than for their girlfriends. And Teen Wolf is about everything, Drama, Supernatural, Comedy, Heartbreak, Horror, action and more. Even Romance the last days.

So in Season 6, they will be back, and lest's hope they don't break up again.

Also don't hate me, i didn't put Malia or Kira above because we already know everything about them.

Malia: She will learn to be really good, become stronger and she might cheat on Stiles with Theo.

Kira: She will stab Scott, become evil, we only don't know why yet. Let's hope it's because the Dread Doctors, like we are sure.

The Pack:

Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Liam, Mason and/or maybe not Jordan Parrish and Isaac and/or Ethan.

Jordan Parrish, let's hope he joins the pack

Isaac might return in 5B, not sure, he just might.

Ethan can come back, with the connections and stuff. It can happen.


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