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Year: 2134

Earth has fallen. It's resources all used up. Gasoline is scarce, and water scarcer.... All hope for humanity appears to be lost. In this day and age it's kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted. Luckily for the Cool Nerd Show... they've got 3 badasses on their side who are ready for anything:

1. John Connor (Terminator Franchise)

John Connor is a natural born leader and total badass. After humanity fell, it was Connor who led the rebellion against the machines. Connor infiltrated the machine's base and was able to destroy the diabolical AI known as Skynet. So much so that Skynet resorted to time travel, sending machines back in time to kill Connor and his mother before they even suspected it. Throughout his life Connor has survived several terminator onslaughts. There's no better leader than John Connor to lead us through the wastelands of this post apocalyptic planet.

2. The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The Doctor (specifically the 11th regeneration) has been through more universe threatening situations and has come out unscathed. 11 has the qualities that best suit an apocalyptic situation, he is resourceful proven by the fact he can repair his space ship with essentially scraps. Resources are scarce so the team will need to be able to develop rudimentary technology on the fly. One of the Doctors other noteworthy qualities that make him a great choice is his undying loyalty to his friends. The Doctor does not stop, does not quit, and is unabashedly relentless when if comes to the safety of the people he is paired with. He does anything and everything to ensure he and his group make it out of whatever perilous situation they find themselves in.

3. Kraven The Hunter (Spider-Man/Marvel Comics)

Known as one of the best hunters in on the planet, Kraven prefers to kill his prey with his bare hands rather than seek the use of firearms or arrows. Kraven has hunted almost every predatory animal on the planet and even managed to capture Spider-Man (and could have killed him if he wanted to.) Kraven's hunting ability will come in most handy when searching for food across this savage land. Even if we're resourced to hunting the most dangerous game... man!


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