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When we left off the group seen the return of Morgan Jones the man Rick met in the very first The Walking Dead episode. Since then he and Rick have only met once. This is after Morgan went crazy, thanks to the death of his son.

The trailer for The Walking Dead season 6 looks great! As a matter of fact, not great. AMAZING! The trailer begins with Rick running down a road. The same road which you see in more or less every season since The Farm. What could he be running from? The gang that call themselfs wolfs? Alexandria? Or even his group? Or maybe he isn't running from anything... But perhaps to something. To me, it looks like Rick is no longer going to be the leader of his 'family' or the town of Alexandria, even if he is I feel as though he won't be for long. He is having an argument through most of the trailer. I think it was with Morgan Jones. Morgan says, in my mind, that Rick is no longer able to lead the group and begins to plot to take him down as he is no longer fit to lead! Is this taking down a strict talking to? Or even dead? I think that Morgan is going to take over the group or at least attempt to... Perhaps this is who Rick is talking to at the end. "Do you know who Who you are talking to?" These are the words Rick utters to someone out with the camera. Maybe Morgan???

Talking about Alexandria now. It is clear to me that the town is infested with walkers. Probably by the end of the Samson. But who will die? In the trailer I am sure I saw glimpses of Glen and Maggie... Yes, Glen and Maggie no being ripped apart. Sorry. For the photos of the people who I am assuming are Glen and Maggie please go to the link below to watch the FULL trailer.

After the screen fades to darkness, it opens back up with Daryl tied up in the woods, perhaps by the gang, the wolves. It seems that he manages to get away. Or is this scene maybe taken before he is kidnapped? All I can say is if Daryl dies we riot! The trailer mostly focuses on the way Rick has changed through Morgan's eves and how Morgan feels about his leading efforts while having a little to do with the town of Alexandria, the Gangs or the group.

Overall, I think that Season six is going to be the best season since the first! I absolutely cannot wait until October! The guns, the explosions, the drama and of course the WALKERS! The walkers bodies have began to break down meaning their bodies are the creepiest they have ever been!

What I think will happen this Season:- Morgan will die. Glen will die. Maggie will die. Alexandria will burn.

What my Girl Friend think will happen:- Glen will die. Carol (female) will die. Morgan will die.

Here is the link to the FULL trailer of season 6 -


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