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Hello, all you lovely gals and guys of the anime world! Ms.Hydrangea, here to give you a couple of tips and reminders for when it comes to that fun time of the year again; ANIME CONVENTIONS!!!

What's there not to love about heading to these events?

  • Meeting people that share the same interests as you.
  • Being yourself
  • Meeting voice actors
  • Cosplaying
  • Attending panels
  • Having fun
  • Getting Engaged or Even married (Not joking, people have been engaged at conventions before).
  • Contests
  • Rave Parties
  • Dancing
  • Manga
  • Alpacas
  • Plush toys
  • Senpai's noticing you

Oh I could go on for hours and hours listing a lot of things that I enjoy when I head to conventions since I am guilty of being a con-goer myself. Yet, I always enjoy reminding my fellow con go-ers the rules and tips of playing it safe but still having fun when they attend conventions.

1. Plan Out Your Day Accordingly
"What do you mean, Plan out? What is this Plan out you speak of, Ms. Hydrangea? I simply go and do whatever there is that I want and find."

Well, of course you can do whatever there is to do at a convention. If you find it BUT what if there actually WAS something that you wanted to do but didn't know if you had time to go do it? It's important to always check out the conventions main website to see the schedule for different events and panels during the days that you want to attend the convention. If you want to attend a Black Butler panel or meet your favorite voice actor then you have to check out the schedule and plan out when you are going to do what so you don't miss out on either or. I want you to have the most fun but not run around trying to see if you're too early or too late.

2.Always make a budget; no careless spending!
"But Ms.Hydrangea, I'm not a money waster! I bring a lot of money because of how the pricing of the vendors vary. If I see a manga, plushie or an art that I may never see again then I have to buy it!"

I didn't say that you couldn't buy it and that you're not a money waster. Being an experienced con-goer, it's understandable that you're lucky to get a deal on something; let alone buy something for less than $20. It's expected that anything vendors sell at a convention ,that will definitely appeal to you, is going to be one expensive price tag that could run your wallet or credit card dry within one day! Just take a breather, sit down and make a budget of how much money you're going to put aside for buying anime convention tickets or items that you find. Sometimes, this is why we have computers or cell phones with wifi; to research and see if the product that the vendor is selling could be bought at a more affordable price along the side. It's the best kept secret that most people will not tell you, since they want to make a business profit from the consumer.

3. Do research beforehand of the surrounding area.
"But, Ms.Hydrangea, I'm not lost. I'm pretty sure I know where the convention is and where I'm going. Like, I don't need a GPS to let me know how to get to the senpai booty."

I'm not assuming that at all, my child. I'm just concerned for the fact that some conventions are literally in the middle of no where. It's good to google map the convention location to see if there are any food trucks, small restaurants, fast food joints or stores that you can buy something to eat or drink nearby rather than dehydrate yourself. Trust me, this one convention I had gone to.....It took me two years of never searching to figure out that there was a small walmart nearby within the outskirts of the hotel I was staying at since there was basically no areas to buy food or drinks.

4. Enjoy looking the way you do in your cosplay.
"Of course I enjoy looking the way I do in my cosplay, that's why I wear it in the first place Ms.Hydrangea!"

Relax, Relax, I didn't say that you don't like looking the way you do in your cosplay. I'm saying this because sometimes some con-goers enjoy trying to flaunt that they are "better" at cosplaying a certain character than the rest of the other cosplayers. It's not a competition (unless you are participating in a cosplay contest) to see whose cosplay is better than whose but rather, flaunt that you put the effort to create the cosplay to your style. What I mean is, if you feel good with how you look with your cosplay then wear it with a positively awesome attitude; no need to wear the cosplay to please others if it won't please yourself.

5. Don't fully trust the strangers you meet.
"Ms.Hydrangea, what do you mean? We're all family in a convention; why are you labeling us strangers??"

I'm not trying to label the community as strangers; it's true, that we're full of life even automatically becoming a family-like unit within seconds. Yet, it's important to know that some con-goers aren't really looking to have fun specifically at the con. I've seen it plenty times before that people tend to leave with a "con-goer they just met" and somehow manage to disappear without a trace. They don't answer text messages or phone calls but were last seen at a convention leaving with a "new friend". I cannot stress this enough, please, please, PLEASE have your phones fully charged and on at all times or at least have a friend or two with you when you attend a convention. You can buy those charging batteries for your phone when it's dying at the convention but please don't just suddenly leave with that person if you just met them by yourself. We, as a community, do everything in our power to spread the word if a fellow con-goer goes missing.

6. Stock up on snacks and drinks beforehand during your time at a convention.

"Well, I don't plan on starving myself, of course. SO tell me, what do you mean?"

Well, Of Course I don't want you to faint mid-way of the convention, dear. It's just important to keep in mind that it's important to stock up beforehand on energy bars, even protein bars if you want to be specific, to carry around or have in your bag during the long stretches when you can't afford to buy food. As my convention colleague has reminded me, it's important to have actual meals during the convention period; you can't simply survive on just protein bars and sugary sodas. Also, we all normally sweat in our cosplays, which is natural since we have a hard time feeling the A/C once the building is packed; so it's also important to have plenty of water bottles or even Gatorade and Powerade to keep your energy levels up and continue on with your day.

7. Do not give up on your daily hygiene ritual.

"But Ms.Hydrangea, I do continue to take showers, wash my hands and other things; Do I smell bad?"

I'm not going to smell you but you should know when you don't smell like flowers and daisies. As I had mentioned previously,for some con-goers that tend to wear fur costumes and leather; instead of being that awkward person that smells like dirty gym socks and gingersnaps, just take a shower daily and wash your hands with soap thoroughly. What I mean by this is, when con-goers fail to continue with their hygiene procedures, they are actually prone to getting sick rather quickly.

8. Sleep is NOT for the weak.
"But Ms.Hydrangea, sleep is for the weak! I can go plenty of hours without sleep; if I do sleep then I'll miss all the good stuff!"

You always want to enjoy the convention as much as you can till the end, correct? Well if you have bags under your eyes from Raving too hard the night before, I don't think you'll be able to remain awake for the rest of the day. Sometimes we tend to refuse the signs that we need sleep and then regret it later when our body shuts down or when we're just too tired to do anything. Even though you're there to have fun; it's vital to get the proper amount of sleep regardless, I'm not your father or your mother, not even your sister, but I'm suggesting to you that if don't want a weakened immune system and more energy then you need to what? oh yeah, Sleep!

Other than that, those are my only tips and rules that I have to say about attending a convention guys. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think but if you have any comments or concerns feel free to comment down below as well or message me.


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