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In a world without laws, survival isn't exactly going to be easy. Alone, it's impossible, but with a team, you'd stand a far better chance of making it. Then again, it depends entirely on the people. Trying to survive with a team of Ewoks in tow is definitely not going to help your chances, whereas a hand picked group with all the right skills could make a clear difference between life and death. But who would you need to ensure survival?

The Hunter - Shado (Arrow)

Shado isn't just an expert bow wielder and master of hand-to-hand combat; she's also the person that taught legendary archer Green Arrow how to hold a bow. She received training from her father, Yao Fei, a Chinese General and expert survivalist, and managed to keep herself, Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson alive on the island of Lian Yu for over a year. As the undisputed leader of the trio, she kept both boys under control and still managed to provide for them by regularly risking her life to hunt.

In a real post-apocalyptic situation, there's no one else I'd rather choose. With experience in hostile environments and an extensive knowledge of what can and can't be consumed from her time on Lian Yu, Shado would always be several steps ahead of anyone trying to mess with the team. Her keen eye and formidable marksmanship would make her an intimidating opponent should anyone try to launch an attack.

The Scavenger - Jawa Leader (Star Wars: A New Hope)

Even in a world turned upside down by a cataclysmic event, there'll always be dodgy traders trying to scam you out of whatever you have left. So why not employ the best of them all? Not only is the leader of the Jawa clan a smooth talking merchant, he'll also be able to build anything you could possibly need from scrap he finds by the roadside. Need an ion blaster quick? Chief Jawa here will have you ready in minutes.

While having a hunter such as Shado is essential for gathering food and warding off potential threats, you wouldn't be going anywhere without the necessary equipment. With a few droids, a blaster and maybe even a Sandcrawler, you'd be safe with a Jawa on side.

The Negotiator - Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

But in a dystopian future, no matter how careful or well prepared you are, sooner or later you're going to run into trouble. And not the fun kind of trouble where all you need is a good eye and a big sword. No, eventually you're going to find yourself backed into a corner with nowhere to run and then, you'll realize that only one man can save you.

Yes, Tyrion Lannister; the man who convinced savages to fight for him. The man who postponed his own death on several occasions just by having a smart tongue. When you find yourself in a sticky situation that seems impossible to escape, Tyrion will always find a way. Imagine being raided by bandits, held at knifepoint while they stole everything you owned. You were vastly outnumbered with no chance of surviving a fight when suddenly, Tyrion enters the camp and convinces the thieves that they've always worked for him without even knowing. Next thing you know you've acquired an entourage of pillagers that'll serve your every whim. If that doesn't sound glamorous then I don't know what would.


Who do you think is the most important member of a post apocalyptic team?


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