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I know I caught your attention with the headline but allow me to state why this will be the case and giving my reasoning for it. Let’s start with the obvious, this is a movie that fans have been waiting years for and perhaps even longer than an Avengers film. There’s a lot of hype behind it and fans are eagerly awaiting the final product, fans can’t wait to see the ultimate battle between two of the most iconic characters of all time.

This is a movie that comic book geeks have been waiting years for and will no doubt rush out to see it on opening weekend, then they’ll keep rushing out to go see it multiple times simply because it’s a movie they wanted for so long. Another thing that this film has going for it is Ben Affleck as Batman, you have a great director and just as great director in a role that has had many actor’s behind it. The fact of the matter is people have been wanting to see a film with these two for years and will finally be getting it, sure you can make an argument that it could suck but that’s not the point here. If a film like The Avengers could break records, there’s no doubt in my mind that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will break many more records; it’s a movie that has the world’s two greatest super heroes facing off against each other, in what could possibly be one of the greatest comic book scenes of all time. Man Of Steel got mixed reviews from both critics and fans alike but there’s no denying that, everyone will still come out to see this multiple times because it’s the comic book movie that everyone will need to see; for the sheer epicness of it.

When Warner Bros. released the teaser a few months ago, everyone was excited even if a few fans were let down by it. I myself was not to fond of the teaser with the exception of the whole “Do you bleed” line which I felt was epic and a quote that I can see many people quoting for years to come. The thing is though Warner Bros. and DC are marketing this movie in a smart way, they know that people will come out and see it regardless so they don’t need to show to much of the film. The world wants to see the most iconic superheroes of all time face off against each other in a film that may very well be the best comic book film of all time, it has a lot of potential that fans will want to see. We are talking about years of comic book history here with these two characters that might just pay off in a huge way, decades of history with the two most iconic superhero’s the world has seen. Everything that we have been shown from the the film so far is making it seem like that this a must see movie for everyone, not just comic book fans but film fans in general.

The final thing I’m going to talk about is what was released yesterday by Warner Bros. which of course was the new trailer. I said earlier that I wasn’t fond of the teaser but the trailer on the other hand, left me speechless in way that hasn’t been done by any other movie trailer in years; save for the Star Wars teaser. This is exactly how a trailer should be done, it gets you excited for the movie and it shows enough of it so you can get a good idea on the tone, but it doesn’t show too much. The trailer shows the world’s two most iconic comic book characters facing off against each other for the first time in a live action film, that is more than enough to get people in the seats. Of course though, we get to see more of the how the film will be like which includes a few references to other Batman storylines; one of them possibly being the death of a certain Robin. We get to lots of action set pieces that could rival even that of the greatest comic book film of all time, everything from the movie looks exactly like it was lifted from a comic book page but in a great way.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be the biggest comic book film of all time, it will be something that few will be able to rival.


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