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Okay, lets face it... who hasn't been saying to themselves: "What in the hell is Zack Snyder doing? Ben Affleck are you KIDDING ME? There will be never be another Heath Ledger and Jared Leto is not even close?"

No? Okay, maybe since Batman and Robin and their nipple suits I've had issues with DC and their sweeping in with HUGE movie stars thinking that if you just put George Clooney in a Tux and then a Batsuit the Women will swoon, it doesn't matter if he looks ridiculous, the story line is over the top, they completely blow Batgirl's comic legend--I mean it's Alicia Silverstone?

But yesterday, I had a change of heart. I loved Man of Steel and I loved it's Smallville like origin story, I love Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Martha and Jonathan Kent. I thought Russell Crowe was the perfect Jor-el. The casting was almost perfect. I think that they could have gone with a different ginger for Lois Lane, hell I wish they had used the one from Smallville. But Zod was amazing. It was a really impressive movie. I was not worrying about Superman. But the trailer that premiered yesterday at SDCC Below

GAVE ME CHILLS. It was then that I said, okay, well obviously they do know that they are doing. At least right now. They have been in production for this movie for over two years and I am sure the editors have had their work cut out for them. Seeing Gal Gadot, FINALLY even in the brief moments as Wonder Woman made my heart skip a beat. Knowing that this veteran of the Israeli Army was made to take sword and lassoing lessons for six months prior to shooting shows me how very serious they do take this and how AMAZING her stand alone movie will be.

Then came the Suicide Squad trailer, which I have available at my website. and just seeing someone taking Harley Quinn's beautiful crazy into something even more beautiful, brought a tear to my eye. I wonder what Kevin Smith thought, being that he named his child Harley Quinn. We don't see Jared Leto as The Joker until the end, but damn, he nails it. He does, in just the few bits that you see of him, pay homage to Heath Ledger without copying him.

Next year is probably going to be the best year for comic book movies that we are going to have in a while. With Batman Vs Superman (Which by the way follows the Dark Knight Returns motif) and The Suicide Squad movie AND we also are going to have Captain America Civil War which is going to end phase 2 (I believe) for Marvel. This movie is so much more packed full of superheros than any of the Avengers movies. It will have some deep revelations about pasts that intertwine and it will thrust us into the next phase, without a doubt this is going to be huge. Paying attention to what is going on in the world of Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D AND Agent Carter before hand will only make that even better!

Also, speaking of DC and Cinematic Universes this year we have Season 4 of Arrow with Damien Dark and H.I.V.E, The Second Season of The Flash, Super-Girl (for those who have not seen the pilot, it is AMAZING) Season 2 of Gotham oh and DC Legends of Tomorrow where we get the amazing Canary back and if you would like to know how, so I don't spoil it the answer is finally here. STOKED for the 2015-2016 Year in TV and Film!


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