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If you've been at Comic-Con, then you would have seen some a cool trailer for The Flash.

First of all, just highlights of Season 1. All the way from Barry becoming the Flash to right as he was about to enter a giant wormhole engulfing all of Central City.

Now, it's time for some things to look forward to in Season 2.

The Rise of Jay Garrick

I think we pretty much saw this coming. Especially the fact that we saw his helmet emerge from the vortex.

And who will play this Golden Age hero, you ask? Why, Teddy Sears, of course. Now, I bet you're also asking what Jay Garrick is doing in this reality. Well, here's the highlight trailer so you can get a good idea of what he'll be like (fast forward to about 5:14).

As you can tell, he has a sort of messenger-type tone. He's of course warning Barry of something bad coming. And by the sound of it, we have an unexpected return of someone really, really bad.

The Reverse Flash returns!

But he won't be called The Reverse Flash. He'll be referred to his other name, Professor Zoom. And, as you already know, there's only one logical reason he's come back from the dead. He's from Jay Garrick's reality. At least, that's how I see it. I'm guessing there might be some other explanation for his sudden return. But we'll let Season 2 tell us how he's back.

And there's a lot more to expect. You can catch even more awesomeness on the CW's The Flash Season 2 coming this fall. Until then.....


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