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The CW hit series The Flash was a huge success in it's first season. Leaving fans off with a multitude of teasers and the biggest cliff hanger ending imaginable, the anticipation for season 2 is tremendous. But today, fans get their first glimpse at what to expect from the scarlet speedster in season 2 - and it will get your heart zooming.

Quick Recap

The trailer dedicates over 4 minutes of time to a montage of the biggest clips from season 1. The clips highlight characters like Captain Cold, Heat Wave, FireStorm, Cisco, Joe, Caitlin, Iris, Eddie, Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, and, of course, Barry/Flash and his father, Henry. It's basically summarizing all the events that led to Eobard's defeat and the wormhole opening up above central city, to which Barry charged into in hopes of stopping it. But is there actually a method to the madness with this montage? Well, I think there is, as it seems to be a montage that gives us a hint at the central theme of The Flash season 2.

Is Barry Losing Faith in Himself

As the trailer kicks off, we see a montage of different moments from the show. But with a closer look at the footage they chose, it actually shows all serious repercussions that resulted from Barry choosing not to kill Eobard Thawne when he murdered Nora Allen. Let's take this piece by piece and see if we can put this puzzle together.

1. We see the iconic scene where the Flash sees himself running alongside himself. This was because when Barry stopped the Tidal Wave that would destroy central city, he went back in time to the morning of the day it would happen. Stopping Mark Mardon (The Weather Wizard) right at the get-go this time, he altered the timeline entirely, with a new threat terrorizing central now; the Rogue's.

2. We then see Barry as a child, where his mom was murdered and his dad was sent to jail for it. Again traveling back in time to change this, Barry saw not only his childhood self, but another Flash, who warned him not to save his mother. Later in the trailer we hear Barry questioning whether or not he made the right choice in letting her die, but well get to that later. The point is Barry once again has changed the past here, as he not only was seen by another Flash, but met his mother as she passed away. If it's one thing time travel has taught us, it's that any deviation - no matter how big or how small - will have a butterfly effect. This could be the what leads to Barry's incarceration, which we saw as Barry traveled through time, as he did pull his mask off to say goodbye to her.

3. Next up, we see Barry saving passengers on a train. As we know, that train derailed, and Captain Cold got away, leading to further incidents he and his Rogue's would cause throughout Central City. Most notable is Captain Cold, having gotten away that day, returned in the penultimate season finale of the first season, ultimately setting free all the metahumans Barry captured (except Jake Simmons) so that he may use them at a later date. This sounds like some big trouble is coming.

4. We then see some clips of Eobard Thawne disguised as Well's and Eddie Thawne, who we know sacrificed his own life to stop Eobard Thawne. Eobard has killed many people aside from Nora Allen - most notably Tess Morgan, the real Harisson Wells' wife. This is immensely important as had Tess not died, Barry would not have become the Flash until five years later, and all the people that died or were turned into meta's could have turned out differently, had Barry been able to save his mother and kill Eobard when he had the chance the night of Nora's death. Seeing Iris in constant pain is going to be a constant reminder to Barry of what he could have done, and will definitely make him question whether he really is a hero.

5. Gideon, the artificial intelligence created by Barry Allen sometime in the future, is shown talking to Barry in Thawne's hidden chamber. Gideon has been helping Eobard from day one to get him back to his time - advising him to do whatever it takes to do so. Realizing Barry created Gideon and how much of a role Gideon played in Eobard's actions, he will definitely be afraid of what other evils he may create should he keep being the Flash.

6. Barry tells Iris "the thought of you is what keeps me going". She responds by confessing to Barry that, while she does think about him, she's in love with Eddie. With Eddie gone and Iris devastated, Barry is losing motivation to continue his heroic duties, it may seem.

7. Ronnie asks Caitlin to leave town because it's dangerous, but she won't budge. It then cuts to Ronnie getting caught in the accelerator explosion, followed by him becoming Fire Storm. Again, all caused by Barry not killing Eobard, letting his mother die. And since we saw Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow's meta-form), for a brief second in the Flash finale, we know she'll be coming into play this season, whether it be villain, anti-hero or hero. Now, let's not forget seeing Jason Rusch in season one as Dr. Stein's apprentice. Jason becomes the newest half of the FIRESTORM matrix after Ronnie's death in the comics, so don't be surprised if the Flash's actions have consequences that will not only kill Ronnie and bring in Jason, but create Killer Frost.

8. Iris responds to Eddie's accusations that she is destined to marry Barry with: "Whatever future Well's showed you is not our future". This could be the most important line from season 1, since the multiverse is now open with Barry charging into it head on. I have a feeling this was a foreshadowing of finding out whether or not this is the timeline where Barry marries Iris.

9. We see several clips where Cisco's vibration-abilities came into play in season 1, ultimately leading to the clip where Eobard tells him that he can vibrate between different frequencies and wavelengths in the universe. This allows Ciso to interact with, and retain memories of, all the different Earths in the multiverse. All this was included most likely to foreshadow Cisco becoming a hero in season 2 - "Vibe".

10. We hear Henry Allen say "Barry, there's a natural order to things". Is Henry warning Barry of the butterfly effect his actions are about to have and have been creating? It sure seems so. Especially since it's followed by Barry standing over his dying mother while we hear Henry warning Barry not to go back in time and save his mother, saying "you were always a hero". Whatever consequences will come of Barry opening up the multiverse, this quote will stick with him. Had he listened to his father, a lot of the disasters and deaths that will be coming from season 2 onward could have been avoided - and that's on Barry.

11. Eddie was forced to kill himself to stop Eobard from being born since Barry, rather than saving his mother and letting Eobard return to his time, decided to let Nora die and stop Eobard. Had he kept Eobard in the containment cell rather than making a deal with him, or even killed him when he traveled back in time, Eddie would still be alive, and Iris would still have her true love, while the threat Eobard posed would still be eradicated. This guilt will be weighing on Barry, really posing him with the question of if he is, or ever really was, a hero.

From what I can tell from the season 1 recap they provided in the trailer, it all leads up to Barry questioning himself as a hero. But if that's not enough for you, let's analyze the remainder of the footage, which are scenes and dialogue from season 2.

The first 4:14 seconds of the trailer are the season one montage. Clips 4:14 - 5:41 consist of the scenes and dialogue from season 2. You can watch The Flash season 2 Comic Con 2015 Trailer below.

Now, back to the footage/dialogue we see/hear from season 2.

Barry IS Losing Faith in Himself

Opening up with a new, blue blur flashing through Central City, we hear Barry utter the words

"It just feels like every time I win, I still lose".

This gives a lot of validation to my above theory that he is going through somewhat of an "am I the hero or villain of this story" complex. Further validation to my point comes from Iris West, who says

"My mother used to say the universe doesn't give without taking".

Could she be referring to Barry getting his chance to save his mom, only to lose himself in the process? Maybe, as she proceeds to say

"Central City still believes in the Flash, and so do I.

Even Henry Allen tells Barry that

"The world doesn't need Henry Allen's son; it needs the Flash."

From the looks of it, Barry Allen is going through an identity crisis that is big enough to be the central theme for season 2.

Caitlin Snow is Leaving Central City

Side-by-Side of Caitlin as Killer Frost
Side-by-Side of Caitlin as Killer Frost

For a few brief seconds we hear some dialogue from Caitlin Snow:

"I'm not coming back Cisco. I can't.

Since Caitlin told Ronnie she wouldn't leave Central City, this line is a bit confusing. But looking at it logically, we can assume that either

1. Ronnie Raymond is dead, and Caitlin feels guilty about it. My assumption - Ronnie will sacrifice himself to save her, and she'll be overwhelmed with guilt for not agreeing to leave when he originally asked.

2. The Flash could have altered their own timeline in a way that caused Ronnie's death. If so, Caitlin would probably resent Barry, especially if he refuses to interfere with the timeline anymore to try and prevent Ronnie from dying. This could cause Caitlin to leave.

3. Caitlin has discovered her powers as Killer Frost, but cannot control them. Not knowing she has powers after a whole season of them dormant, her ice powers are probably like a powder keg - ready to blow. And when they, I imagine a lot of innocent people will get hurt, possibly even exposing Caitlin as a meta to the media. This would definitely force her hand into leaving, and would be great way to bring in Killer Frost.

Cisco is Becoming Vibe

Cisco as Vibe
Cisco as Vibe

Season one heavily foreshadowed this, as Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells told Cisco that he has the ability to see through the vibrations of the universe and still retain his memories. In the trailer, we hear Cisco frantically ask

"What is happening to me?"

Sounds like the smartest person on the team can't even explain what he's experiencing and that can only mean one thing; he's going through some changes. Aside from the quote from the trailer and Eobard telling him he is, in fact, a meta, the goggles Cisco wore during season 1 to relive his memories from the alternate reality where Harisson kills him strongly resemble the goggles he wears in the comics. All signs are pointing to Cisco becoming Vibe this season on The Flash.

Jay Garrick

What's better than one speedster? Two.
What's better than one speedster? Two.

Fans got a taste of what's to come in the season finale of Flash when Jay Garrick's helmet came flying out of the whole in the space-time continuum Barry had opened in S.T.A.R. Labs. This foreshadowed his appearance in season 2, but the dialogue in the trailer confirms that the original scarlet speedster will be making his debut in the second installment of The Flash :

Barry: "Who the hell are you?'
Jay: My name is Jay Garrick, and your world is in grave danger.

For those of who don't know who Jay Garrick is, he was the original Flash. He got his abilities from a lab accident and is from Earth 1. He has a run-in with Barry Allen when Barry travels from Earth 2 (his Earth) to Earth 1 (Jay's Earth) through use of the speed force. It seems like this is similar to what we'll be seeing in season 2, as Jay is there to warn him of an impending threat.

Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells Return

Is Eobard Still Harisson Wells?
Is Eobard Still Harisson Wells?

One of the biggest questions fans have had is how both these characters could return, which was previously confirmed. Well, the trailer kind of answers that question. During the trailer, we hear Harrison speaking to Barry, saying that he knows Barry hates him but that he is not his enemy. Interestingly, he also says to Barry "I'm going to give you the thing you want most Barry. But it doesn't matter, because you'll never truly be happy. Trust me - I know you - and I'm always right. I still win. We were never enemies, Barry. I'm not the thing you hate."

What does this mean? For starters, it appears that Eobard Thawne is still disguised as Harisson Wells, which would mean he'd have from Earth 1 - the same Earth Jay Garrick is from. Further evidence to back this up is the fact Jay Garrick is now in Earth 2, telling Barry his world is in "grave danger". And one last piece of evidence actually comes the season 1 finale.

When Jay's helmet came flying out of the wormhole, Eobard, with a look of fear on his face, said "that's my cue to leave". How would Eobard know that the helmet belonged to the Jay Garrick version of the Flash unless he was on Earth 1 before? My thoughts are that Eobard got the idea to take Harisson Wells identity when he traveled to Earth 1 from the Eobard there who had already done it. Now Earth 1 Eobard has come through the wormhole to Earth 2 with Garrick to help Barry stop the greatest threat he's faced to date - Zoom.

ZOOM is Coming

Please be Eddie as Cobalt Blue....Please
Please be Eddie as Cobalt Blue....Please

Every season needs it's big bad, and Zoom is the perfect villain to introduce for season 2. The trailer ends with the phrase "Zoom is Coming", and after seeing the scenes of another speedster running through Central City, it looks like he's already alive. But just who is Zoom?

While in the comics Zoom has been Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zoloman, the most likely candidate for this zoom is Malcom Thawne - or, the CW's original character, Eddie Thawne. But Zoom isn't the only name Malcom went by. In fact, his most popular alias is - you guessed it - Cobalt Blue.

Cobalt Blue

This would be AWESOME!
This would be AWESOME!

The Thawne family has a very special trait - they can harness their hatred and/or passion into a special talisman (which looks like a ring) that not only allows them to produce blue-white like flame around them, but grants them the ability to steal the powers of others. In the comics, Malcom discovered Barry Allen was his half brother, and became very jealous of Barry for having everything he should have had, including super-speed. Discovering the Thawne family secret, he went to his grandmother to retrieve the talisman and learn of all it's powers. After this, he wore a blue and white outfit, calling himself Cobalt Blue, and stole the scarlet speedsters abilities. Why do we think this is Eddie Thawne?

Well, there's a few reasons:

1. Eddie was wearing his grandmother's ring his neck when he died, getting sucked into the multiverse.

That ring sure hints at Cobalt Blue
That ring sure hints at Cobalt Blue

2. Malcom Thawne was Eobard's ancestor in the comics, but in the show it appears that Eddie is (at least in Barry's current Earth).

3. Even after death, Malcom inhabited the ring/talisman for 1000 years, allowing him to control any Thawne that wore it. So, since Eddie had it on before getting sucked into the multiverse, it's possible Malcom's soul could have inhabited Eddie's body, reviving the character as Cobalt Blue.

4. Eddie and Malcom share one thing in common; they're both very jealous of the Flash. In the season 2 trailer, we see Eddie arguing with Iris, saying there was three people in their relationship from the beginning; him, Iris and Barry, and that it bothered him a lot. Also, Eddie resented Barry for making him keep his secret from Iris. This hatred has been building for a long time, so it would make sense that Eddie could harness the power of the Cobalt Flames.


What do you think we'll see come season 2 of Flash?


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