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If you did not already know, the world premier of the trailer for Season 6 of The Walking Dead premiered this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. The upcoming season looks to have plenty of action in the Alexandria community.

That being said, while watching the trailer (for the third time), there was something that stood out to me. I saw what appeared to be one of the main characters being eaten by a pack of walkers.


At approximately 1:10 into the trailer, it looks like Maggie is being eaten by walkers. Now I will admit, it is hard to tell because it only shows about half of a second of the victim's face, but she does resemble Maggie. Here is a still shot from the trailer:

Screenshot from the trailer
Screenshot from the trailer

Like I said, it is hard to tell whether or not it is actually Maggie being eaten, but the character does strongly resemble her. It seems very unlikely that the creators of TWD would show any main character being killed off in a trailer, especially the first trailer for the season. You can watch the full trailer for Season 6 below.

What do you think? Is Maggie going to be walker bait in Season 6? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


Do you think it is Maggie getting eaten in the trailer?


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