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Not too long ago, I've been posting funny questions to a couple of Star Wars-themed Facebook groups, spreading funny ideas about which actors should appear in an upcoming Star Wars movie. After several of the posts, and a couple of hilarious ideas, I decided to compile a list of actors, musicians, television personalities, etc., and write an article here on Moviepilot about what casting choices would be right for these people, and what I'm about to write down would be very hilarious to you guys, but it depends on what your idea of humor is.

1. Dave Thompson (British Comedian)

Dave Thompson was a British comedian and actor who originally played the role of Tinky Winky in the British mega-hit children's television series Teletubbies. However, he was fired from the job in July 1997, causing a lot of media hype. To be honest, I used to watch Teletubbies a lot of times when I was a little kid, but nowadays I find the show to be unwatchable for people over the age of 6 or 7, such as myself. I mean, the writing on that show is bland and boring, and the acting was so stiff that it would make the acting of the title character from Barney & Friends look like Michael Shannon's portrayal of General Zod in Man of Steel. If Dave Thompson was in an upcoming Star Wars movie, here's what I think he should play:

A human Jedi Order fanboy who hosts a radio show on Coruscant

If Mr. Thompson is able to pull off that role in a Star Wars movie, he's going to ham it up all over, and he might be able to put a little comic relief in the whole franchise.

2. James Thompsett (D-List British YouTube Personality)

James Thompsett is a British YouTuber better known under the alias RandomDCE. He was known for his parody videos, 8-bit-style webcomics, his Handy Guides series, and for his film review series Reaction & Review UK, based off of the Reaction & Review series created by his friend, Wisconsin native Emer Prevost. I hadn't watched a lot of RandomDCE's videos, but I did watch a couple of Reaction & Review UK videos, and his most popular YouTube video to date, the entire Knight Rider series crammed up in just under a minute. With only over 7,000 subscribers, James is a D-List YouTube personality, and I bet that his webcomics are better than what Chris Chan tried to pull off. However, he could be a good choice for a comic relief-providing Star Wars character. That type of character, my friends, would be:

A Corellian pilot who acts like The Fonz

Trust me, we all need a little Happy Days in Star Wars!

3. David Hardy (YouTube Eccentric/Hipster)

David Hardy is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based YouTuber better known under the screen name JustKeepThatInMind. A ton of his videos, however, can be found in a group channel called LittleRidleyStares. I first discovered this odd character after I watched a video made by one of my favorite YouTube film critics, Emer Prevost, called "The JustKeepThatInMind PSAs", where it shows Emer displaying a ton of odd stuff that David sent to him through the mail, like the A Rosie Christmas CD, a wallpaper steamer, and the Season 1 DVD of The Golden Girls. I began watching some of JustKeepThatInMind's other videos, such as a trip to the Dollar Tree and his rants on unusual topics, such as traffic cones and Santa Claus. They were actually pretty funny, because in those videos, he always dresses and talks like a hipster. If there was a way to have Mr. Hardy becoming popular through a Star Wars movie, I bet his role could be:

A human jizz singer at the Mos Eisley Cantina

If you want to see how funny JustKeepThatInMind is, here's his hilarious tour of a local Dollar Tree:

4. Nicolas Cage

Long before I was blocked from the "Star Wars Fanatics" Facebook group for my trolling, I posted a question to that group, which had over about 4,000 members, asking who would Nicolas Cage, one of my favorite actors because of his hamminess, play in an upcoming Star Wars movie, and some guy commented:

An alien Elvis impersonator who gets killed by Stormtroopers

Since Nicolas Cage is a very popular actor, he might have a good job playing a main character in Star Wars, but it would be very hilarious to see him playing the Elvis role. He might sing that one song from Return of the Jedi in a very prominent Elvis voice.

5. Jerry Solomon (An Eccentric from Los Angeles, California)

Jerry Solomon was a guy that I wish became famous in an instant. He was an outsider/eccentric from the streets of Los Angeles, California who released plenty of singles in the 60's with the band Tom Graves and the Muskets, 2 outsider acid folk albums in the 1970's (1971's Past the 20th Century and 1973's Through the Woods), and a lounge record, At the Show Biz!, in 1978. These albums are very rare collector's items that have not been reissued yet. In around the 1990's or early 2000's, he had a cable access television show called The Jerry Solomon Show, and in 2012, he sang a song about Viagra in a failed attempt to get on America's Got Talent. If he were to be in Star Wars, I bet he could play:

A cantina lounge singer who gets laughed at in a performance on Coruscant

Here's a clip from The Jerry Solomon Show:

And, here's his audition video for America's Got Talent:

6. Pui Fan Lee (Hong Kong Chinese-British Actress)

Pui Fan Lee was a British actress belonging to Hong Kong Chinese parents. She was known for playing Po from the Teletubbies series, but she is also known for starring in shows such as the BBC television comedy Chef! and the sketch comedy series Your Mother Wouldn't Like It, which as of this article I'm kinda interested in what they are about. I posted in the "Star Wars: WHAT IF Questions" Facebook group about if she was in an upcoming Star Wars movie, and I posted that I bet she would play:

An alien crossdresser disguised as George W. Bush

Not that George W. Bush is in Star Wars, but I tell you that it would be something hilarious. I also chose that role for Pui Fan Lee because I hadn't watched any of her other stuff other than when I watched Teletubbies back when I was a kid.

7. The Main Actors from Disney's Cool Runnings

I remember seeing Disney's 1988 based-on-a-true-story classic Cool Runnings a couple of times, and it was one of the best Disney movies I had ever seen that was made in the 1980's. It's very cool (no pun intended) that it's about the story of Jamaica's first Olympic bobsled team. I posted in the "Star Wars: WHAT IF Questions" Facebook group about who the main actors from the movie would play in Star Wars, and my brother Ty commented:

Sand People

But, in my opinion, these guys could play:

A group of really funny Jedis from Harun Kal, Mace Windu's home planet

8. Julian C. Mount (Cult Legend of British Folk Music)

In 1973, a British man named Julian C. Mount released a homemade record in a limited number of copies, released under the alias Weaselsnout. The album was called Unsung Lies, and it was Julian's only recorded output from the 1970's. Some people thought that he was so obscure that nobody practically knew anything else about him. However, Julian is alive and well, recording and releasing new music (simply under the name Julian Mount), performing frequently at the Watford Folk Club in England, and even uploading his live recordings to his Soundcloud page. The music he made consists entirely of acoustic contemporary folk. He did become a cult legend over the years, just like Jerry Solomon. If this man was in Star Wars, he could play:

An alien Superman rip-off from Coruscant

I'm saying that because on Julian's Soundcloud page, he released a song called "They Used to Call Me Superman", all about the titular comic book superhero. Anyway, here's the song "Airport Lover", taken from his lost cult classic Unsung Lies:

9. Simon Helberg (Actor from The Big Bang Theory)

We all know Simon Helberg from starring in one of television's best-known nerd-centered sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory, where he played the wonderful Jewish scientist/astronaut Howard Wolowitz. I posted in the "Star Wars: WHAT IF Questions" Facebook group about who would Simon Helberg play in Star Wars, and a woman named Sarah Pickles commented:

Chewbacca's bowl-cutted son

Now, THAT would be something special for Simon Helberg to do!


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