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Terminator Genisys hit theatres almost two weeks ago and the one question on people's minds is whether or not it is worth going to see. Let me answer that for you: YES!

I had read the reviews before going to see this film and I must admit, I was very disheartened because I was hoping that this would reinvigorate the franchise that I loved so dearly. However, I went to see the film and boy, was I in for a treat!!
Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the beloved Terminator. This already puts this film miles ahead of Terminator Salvation. Much like the version he portrayed in T2, Schwarzenegger’s T-800 bonds with one of the lead characters, becoming a father-like figure (or “pops”) to Sarah Connor, we sometimes see a softer side to the machines that has been absent for too long. And with Arnie, you know the badass action and the killer one-liners are always a welcome return to the franchise’s roots.

Emilia Clarke is fantastic as Sarah Connor. Cast replacements are usually a bad thing and almost never work…but this time it did! She may be dressed like Linda Hamilton’s badass character from T2, but she manages to approach the role with the emotional depth and delicacy of the Sarah Connor from the very first film.

Jai Courtney is good as Kyle Reese, although sticking with Anton Yelchin from 'Salvation' may have been a better idea. Yelchin was more suited to the role and (like Emilia with Linda Hamilton) he bore a striking resemblance to the original Reese, Michael Biehn. Courtney is good, although perhaps a little too "action-hero" at times.

Jason Clarke is a great John Connor. Although I found him to be relatively creepy even before the twist. Having said that, he did a great job and came across as a formidable threat to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator. Speaking of that twist, it sets up a new storyline and gives this film it's own identity. Although the John Connor part was spoiled for many in the 2nd trailer, there was still enough of the twist left to shock the viewer when it happens. This was a much welcome addition to the film. It allows it to stand alone from the rest and sets up a brand new storyline for the follow-up films.

The 1984 scenes are so reminiscent of the first Terminator film that it feels like these scenes were filmed during that year. And the CGI recreation of 1984 Arnie is stunning!!

The ending battle is also brilliant with a display of stunning robotic visuals that never become too self-indulgent (unlike many of the sci-fi films in today’s market). There is also a beautiful moment between the Terminator and Sarah that will have fans teary-eyed and the post-credits scene points towards a sequel.

With endless effects at it’s reach, Terminator Genisys never goes over the top and sticks close to the family of characters that helped to make this franchise the legend that it is. And yes, by that statement, we are mostly referring to you Arnie. Although, it had impossible standards to reach, set by the first two legendary films, Terminator Genisys is much better than ‘Rise of the Machines’ and completely oblierates ‘Salvation’. A definite film of the year contender!

A dazzling 2 hour spectacle, filled with classic battles, stunning visuals, epic one-liners and yes, a few beautiful moments. The Terminator has said it before and I really hope he'll say it again, but rest easy knowing that: HE IS BACK!

Definitely go and see this film!


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