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Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf, Maze Runner) is one of the most talented young stars today, on both the small and big screen. Apart from being something of a heart throb, the 23 year old has a bright future in acting, and surely has the chops to pull off a defining role such as this one. Not convinced? Here's 5 reasons why Dylan O'Brien can very possibly be the next Han Solo in the prequel movie due out after

in 2018.

1) He's the right age

At 23, he'll be mid-twenties by the time the movie films. That age is perfect, even if they decide to go the teenager route, because the guy looks like he belongs in high school, and that's a good thing. It gives him flexibility to be able to play a wide range of ages. Harrison Ford was in his 30's when filming the original trilogy, so that kind of rules out fan favorite choices like Chris Pratt, Aaron Paul, Jensen Ackles, and others. It doesn't look like Dylan will change much in appearance in a couple years, so it looks like things should work out.

2) He's a funny guy, and so are the directors

Phil Lord and Chris Miller
Phil Lord and Chris Miller

O'Brien is well known for his outstanding sense of humor both on and off camera. He has displayed all types of humor in his many different projects, and there's no reason to think he can't handle the dry wit of our favorite space-smuggler. The newly announced directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are all about funny. With humorous hits such as "The Lego Movie", and The Jump Street franchise, which also showcase their capability for action as well. It only makes sense that these directors cast a similar interest star for the lead in the movie. It almost seems like a perfect match.

3) He can carry an action film

With "The Maze Runner", O'Brien put himself on the action actor map. He carried that film extraordinarily well, and showed us he has the acting chops. He clearly knows how to do action and humor, which seems perfect for a Han Solo movie directed by Lord and Miller. Getting the lead in this film will only give him the chance to meld those two together and give is a performance that we can't forget.

4) He has the connections

The father-son team of Lawrence and Jon Kasdan are attached to write the film. This is good for O'Brien, as he previously worked with the latter on the teen romance comedy "The First Time", which Kasdan wrote and directed. He already has the edge, the inside man. If Jon knows what he's doing, hopefully he can write the part with Dylan in mind, which would certainly not be much of a stretch. We might be reaching a bit here, but this can only be positive for the young actor.

5) He wants to do it

Really, who doesn't? But O'Brien has expressed great interest in the role, and would be very excited to even get a chance to play such a legendary part.

That’s so cool… it’s so cool, because that’ll be the dream

O'Brien clearly won't shy away from taking on the responsibility, and is so up for the challenge. And if your that enthusiastic, then you definitely deserve a shot.

Of course, know one can technically replace the legendary Harrison Ford, but, it has to be done physically to make this movie happen. In my opinion, no one is more suited than Dylan O'Brien.

That’s a dream role for a kid my age

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