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The story of all the robins are very interesting. It all starts with Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson was the son of a young family called "The Flying Graysons" Dick had watched his family die as a mafia boss kills his parents in order to extort money from a circus that had employed The Flying Graysons. Batman (Bruce Wayne) took him and adopted him. Later Bruce Wayne Gave away his identity as batman and trained Dick to become robin. Later Dick grew up and become Nightwing:

After Dick Grayson came Jason Todd. Jason Todd was killed off because fans did not like him. He had died by joker beating him to death. Later we had found he had come back as red hood a villain for batman. He became convinced by the joker that batman doesn't care about him. Redhood:

Later it came Red Robin as Tim Drake. Tim Drake did not fully take the job as robin but he was convinced and became into red robin. He time travels into the future thus him becoming batman.Red Robin:

Next had come Damien Wayne. Son of Batman and Tali Al Ghul. Damien was left by his mother in the care of his father (batman). Batman did not know that he had a son. He was learned to kill Young by the league of assassins which troubled the relation with his father who refused to kill later he had agreed to not kill and then became robin for a good time till he was killed by an agent of his mother and his own clone. Time Drake:

Which Robin do you like best?


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