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the follow up full length trailor,I must say if your one of 12 million and counting views you know what I'm talking about. In the past 23 hours I know I've watched it several times now and it wows me every time. So much to look forward to. And though i know alot of people were upset about the disaster in "Man of Steel", I see it as Metropolis is under attack of an alien invasion. "Supes" defends the attack and is on the defense the entire fight and in self-defense he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save a family. Ending Zod and his terror. Wayne, Luthor, citizens, and government alike, Fear the power one possess. With the destruction of Metropolis including "Wayne Financial" the Epic Battle begins.Usually people of power tend to but-heads in the beginning, leading us to this ultimate battle in this fantastical universe of DC. I'm Super pumped for this in its entirety including Affleck (@BenAffleck)as Wayne and the "Bats". I feel his approach will be satisfying for fans and Cavill (@henrycavill) some how looks even more awesome as KalEl. Gadot (@GalGadot) looks absolutely stunning and Bad-Ass as the Amazonian Princess. and Snyder (@ZackSnyder) is on the verge of a masterpiece! The trailor gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐! Five if possible. 10\10. I wont be surprised if this shatters every film record in history (No disrespect to any film or franchise.) I look forward to the future films of WB 's. And DC. (@WarnerBrosEnt @DCComics) You can follow me @seanbrees

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