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It has to be hard for every other Comic-Con panel and attraction this year, and for many years to come. How can they even compete with Star Wars showing up to the show? And the show that J.J. Abrams and crew put one was a great one. Aside from the massive, 6,500 person Star Wars music concert that evening, here are seven epic highlights from the panel that you’ll definitely want to be aware of.

New Tie Fighter

We first saw the new Tie Fighter design and coloration a few months ago in the second [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) trailer. But glimpses of the spacecraft were short and fleeting. But now, thanks to behind the scenes footage and the new Tie Fighter toy from Hasbro, we get to see the ship clearly and in its entirety for the first time.

The original Tie Fighter has a grayish white body, with black panels on the wings. Tie Fighter 2.0 (can we just call it that to avoid confusion?) reverses the color scheme, giving the ship a dark body, and white paneled wings. Also, there is a huge splash of color in the form of a red strip along the side of the ship. The red strip probably coincides with the new logo and banner of the Empire that we saw in the trailer.

The changes to Tie Fighter 2.0 aren’t huge ones, but they look more modern and nicely separate themselves from the original ships from over thirty years ago.

Harrison Ford is Still a Stud

After Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, Kathleen Kennedy, and new members of the Star Wars cast finished saying their pieces, the legendary heroes of the original trilogy took to the stage, starting with Carrie Fisher, then Mark Hamill, and finally, to thunderous applause, Harrison Ford. He took all this is stride, and looks like he’s fully recovered from his plane crash in March.

Details on the film are still very sparse, and we aren’t sure exactly how much of the original trilogy team will be in the movie. But considering Ford’s status as the biggest thing to come out of Star Wars, ever, his appearance in the trailer, and the recently announced Han Solo spin-off film, it makes sense that we’ll be seeing more of Han than his counterparts in Star Wars Episode 7.

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